by rose

Color, color, colors 7 colors
Rainbow colors
Somehow I never come to love them
Too pinchy, too bright
I pretended to like them wear them and trend them
But my true colour is always black

Maybe I'm too dark for my own good
Maybe I'm too shady for my own look
I don’t care black is warm
Colors blend colors fade
Colors becomes black

This way I don’t have to care about red
Black and red compliments
Black and white monochrome
My only home

Sometime I hate it to be so in love with black
Black has given me nothing but just been ok...
Me being like that?!
I guess the color of my heart is also black

Cuz there's a big black hole that wants more and more of everything
Let’s not talk about love, let’s not talk of kindness
Cuz with black it’s all meaningless
Black is like mystery... intriguing yet complicated
Black is taboo... black is devil... black is lonely
Blackmail me and fail me

Someday I will regret for being so black
Feeling blues but again I go back to black
To get some peace
Half of the peace is black
And I'm just that piece of black...

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