Dave McConnell ... 35 Incredible Years at GMDC!

Our Dear Friend, Dave,

Well, Pal, as a long, successful, and meaningful career comes to a close, you can look back and reflect upon many wonderful years. You have been a friend to many industry leaders, and I for one, will always value the friendship that we have shared for so many years.

I can still vividly remember that day in Cincinnati when you, Rick, and Ron came to Kroger G.O. to “wake me up”, as to what Kroger was missing by not being a member of GMDC. True, Kroger was, but the person who was missing the most and the guy, who garnered so much more by a GMDC membership, was ME!!! Honestly, Dave, I got so much out of GMDC, met so many industry leaders, and developed a “love” for you and your organization that I will value to my dying day. I am so glad that I listened to you and for your persistence in pursuing Kroger, as a GMDC member company. Thank You, my friend!!

Jill and I wish for you and Anne a truly wonderful retirement. I look back and cannot believe that it has been 14 years, now, since I retired from Kroger. “Time” has a way of sliding by so easily and so quickly, that years pass by before you know it, so slow down, now, and simply enjoy life. We know how you love Minnesota and the lake living. Enjoy it, as 5, 10, 15 years will slip by so quickly. You guys have such a strong love and relationship that we know will help you have such a great time together. Enjoy, Enjoy!!!

Let’s be sure to stay in touch and get together whenever we can. You are always welcome to come visit either in Tennessee or Ohio.

Dave, the entire Cox Family sends our love and best wishes to you, Anne, and family, and wish you guys “All the Best” in your retirement years. We value our friendship and Thank you for all the wonderful memories of our time together in GMDC. You were a great leader of a great organization, and I, again, am so fortunate to have been a GMDC member and friend of Dave McConnell.

Enjoy life and look back upon a career that was, truly, “Well Done”!!!!

Our sincere best wishes,

Jill & Terry Cox

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