Farewell ballad:
Times of Your Life by Paul Anka

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This is a very slow nostalgic ballad from the 70's, about when "you wake up and time has slipped away". Nostalgic, rather than sentimental.

Other songs like this?

Restless Farewell - Bob Dylan
In this song Bob is looking back over a long life - a retrospective I Did It My Way - and accepts the choices made, for better or worse.

Farewell To The Old Me - Dar Williams
Slow ballad, almost melancholy-feeling, about moving forward and making changes in your life and yourself.

Into My Arms - Nick Cave
This is not so much a song about goodbye, but rather about the return of a loved one 'into my arms', wherever they might be.

It is a deeply spiritual song despite the agnostism in the lyrics.

Whether you are a parent, lover, or a very close friend, this song will certainly affect you when you hear it, if you are missing someone dear to you.

Goodbye (Kelly's Song) by Alabama
Orchestral Country ballad, originally written for the singer's wife as they were separated by travel for a time.
The sound has a poignant and sad feel to it.

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