Gothic Metal Farewell Song:
Farewell by Avantasia

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This is a gothic heavy metal opera duet between Gabriel and step-sister Anna.
A passionate song about despair and heartbreak. But, as Lugaid says at the end "No farewell could be the last one. If you long to meet again..."
While described as an opera due to the underlying plot of the album, with each role being sung, songs like this off the Metal Opera Album are also described as 'symphonic power metal'.

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Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro)

You don't need to understand Italian to appreciate this utterly beautiful song. The translation below lends itself to an interpretation new beginnings and saying goodbye to the past.
It takes you to far off lands and seas where there is only the intertwining of two hearts on a ship, sailing into eternity:

"When I'm alone
dreaming of the horizon,
Words fail.
Yes, I know there is no light;
Even in a sunlit room,
when you are not here with me, with me.
At the window,
I reveal my heart to all,
so you can have,
from deep within me,
the light you'll see on your way.
Time to say goodbye...
I'll go with you,
to places we'd never known,
Time to say goodbye...
I'll go with you
on ships across seas,
which I know,
no, no, exist no longer...
It's time to say goodbye...
Yes, now we'll experience life."

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