Eve 6:
Here's To The Night

 Listen to this farewell song:

I interpret this song about leaving high school or college, or getting deployed by the military.  Some have thought that it's about a one-night stand.  

A beautiful song about holding onto the moment.

Other songs like this:

Time of my life - David Cook
A power-ballad about making the most of the moment and enjoying success to the fullest. According to Billboard, the song is "...one of the longest–running chart–toppers by a solo male artist in [Adult Contemporary] history."

I'm not gonna cry - Corey Smith

Pop ballad about graduation day, and embracing the future, but knowing that the best days and best friends will be missed. 

Farewell - Rihanna

Rihanna nails it in this song - her sweeping powerful vocals absolutely bring you with her into the emotions of the song. About letting loved ones go, to live their life and dreams.

Suggest A Farewell Ballad!

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