Goodbye song:
Keep Me In Your Heart by Warren Zevon 

Listen to this goodbye song:

There's something about the chant-like "keep in me in your heart for a while" that over the course of the song becomes very emotional and breaks you down.  A definite favourite for those who love to wallow.  Enjoy this folk song!

Other songs like this one:

My Wish - Rascall Flatts
My Wish is a real tear-jerker.  If you have watched someone grow up, or just grow, or if you know someone who is moving on with all their life lessons packed in their heart - grab two boxes of tissues if you click Play!

All Things Must Pass - The Beatles

Watch this after a good cry - it will calm you down and put you in a higher perspective, giving you a bit of breathing time!

Ashokan Farewell

This song is part of the Civil War soundtrack, and composed in the style of 1800s American folk music. Jay Ungar designed it as a lament, which was a style of music prevalent back then.  You'll feel your mood change from the haunting start to the more hopeful finish.

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