Mental Health Matters

by Anonymous
(Anonymous City, Anon-Town, F#$%head Avenue)

I'm glad to be saying goodbye to you all. Yeah. Totally glad. *smug face*. There's nothing more embarrassing,than being part of a company, that has to beg it's users, to use their service. That's what I call "last-chance saloon" begging. If people don't want to get along, or attend the centre or have other priorities, tough. You have to learn to deal with it. Talking to me, in a little girl voice, while staring at me, creeps me out. It looks like you're on some sort of hallucination drug. And nobody actually gained miracles, by believing "everything will be alright". I'm not sure what world you live in. Where I come from, it's hard to change someone's mind, once it's made. I mean I get why you do it, but if you could see your face, when you're talking to us, I'm sure you'd agree, that you look stoned. Yeah but just think.... Eh, whatever. And who in their wrong mind, tells tenants, to stop hanging with old friends from yester-year? Talk about crazy. That's what you are.

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