Goodbye by Lionel Ritchie

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This is a classic ballad from the legendary Lionel Ritchie.

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It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday by Boyz II Men
Moving, slow R&B song with beautiful vocals.

Footprints In The Sand by Leona Lewis
This song is based on the Footprints in the Sand poem by Mary Stevenson, and is a soulful ballad with some elements of gospel. A very emotional song, and Leona Lewis does great justice to it. The meaning of the song is very similar to "Lean On Me" where it is an affirmation of love or friendship, no matter where we travel in life.

Don't Forget to Remember Me by Carrie Underwood
Upbeat sweet country song, about looking forward to the future, but knowing that the people you're attached to will miss you so much.

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