Goodbye song:
Where’d You Go by Fort Minor

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Alternative rock and hip hop ballad (think Linkin Park) with sweet female vocals.

Interspersed with short interviews of people left behind, this song really hits the heart, in an uncompromising direct way.

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Farewell (from The Metal Opera) - Avantasia
This is a gothic heavy metal opera duet between Gabriel and step-sister Anna.
A passionate song about despair and heartbreak. But, as Lugaid says at the end "No farewell could be the last one. If you long to meet again..."

While described as an opera due to the underlying plot of the album, with each role being sung, songs like this off the Metal Opera Album are described as symphonic power metal.

Anchors Aweigh by Bouncing Souls
This song has been described as an energetic, stirring song, reminiscent of a sea shanty - with a punk sound. The words are perfect for a farewell:
"Anchors Aweigh my friends,
I'll see you another day
I'm going away,
Experiences have to come
And the past has got to go".

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