New Organisation Structure

More than one use for this!

More than one use for this!

The following fare-ill email and subsequent replies show how diplomacy can belie bitter animosity.
Yes this is a real email conversation that occurred, however some details have been censored.
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From: ST
To: MC
Subject: New organisation structure

Hi M,
Thank you for taking the time with me today to describe the finer details of the organisation structure.

I am writing this email to clarify my response in our discussion yesterday.

In August last year I was recruited to work as an XYZ.
In December I was informed that I would be working at site, as the business was going to become more site-based.
I appreciated this and also had mentioned many times to ___ that I wanted to go to site to look at the business as a whole.
I believed that this was part of the plan to have that role permanently out at site.

It became apparent to me after a couple of months that in fact I was permanently in a different role, that I was not returning to the office to continue training from ___, and that there was not going to be an XYZ out at site.
I also noted that two people became XYZs while I was working in the different role.
It has become very apparent to me that there is no scope at all for me to work as an XYZ while I am with the company, despite what had been agreed to in my contract (which has not changed), as there are now four XYZs in the office, and when I had started in November last year I was one of three. The later two XYZs and myself trained together at the same time.

I nonetheless have accepted and continued to work in the different role.
I have since asked to transfer to ___ as a way forward into my 1 to 5 year goals.

When you informed me that I would work as a WTF, it was very clear to me that
- I am not valued in the department
- I am being encouraged to leave.

The main reasons include the lack of consultation with me about my role, and that it's obvious I am going in the opposite direction to where I want my career to progress, since joining the department.

When I was recruited and relocated by the company, I had to give a commitment of one full year of service at a minimum, and that will end on ___.

I understand the needs of the business come first and I have no doubt that you will find someone who is more than happy to be a WTF.

Moving forward, I will be talking face to face to CH when he comes back - you had indicated that this was solely his decision.

Many thanks for taking the time with me yesterday, and your encouragement for me to pursue my own projects.



From: MC
To: ST
Subject: RE: New organisation structure

Hi S
I am sorry you feel that you are not valued and are being encouraged to leave, as I am sure there would be no such motives behind your placement in the WTF team.

I do, however, recognise the position offered to you may not best allow you to achieve your longer term goals.

You are correct that I was informed of this position being offered to you, and I can only assume that it was CH's decision as Manager.

I have discussed with ___ the potential for a position with ___, however the direction of that project has not yet been confirmed.

CH returns next week, so we can discuss these issues with him then.

Thanks for your time yesterday.




From: ST
To: MC
Subject: RE: RE: New organisation structure

Hi M,

In response to your reply, there is no point discussing with ___ or anyone else the potential for any position in the company.
I have no desire to continue working in the department beyond my minimum year commitment, and this will not change.
I do appreciate the effort you are going to, to find a 'best fit' for me, but I recommend you not pursue this and save your own time and energy.

Have a good week,

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