May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light :)

by marilen

May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be ever at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face
and the rain fall softly on your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.

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HAN YANN - Farewell & Goodbye!

by Karen

Our Champion bowler!

Our Champion bowler!

Dear Han Yann

I will miss you and always remember the good times we had during the many CGU outings - For all your valuable contribution as a colleague and friend - THANK You!
You'll be missed by us all.

Best of luck on your new working environment.

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Goodbye 2 my colleague

by yvonne

Goodbye OAC! Old And Crazy colleague..

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Teacher Miles - Thanks for all

by Penie Separa
(Manlurip Tacloban City)

Teacher Miles, thanx for teaching us your knowledge, and for understanding us.
You're so special to me.
I'm thankful that you came into our lives.
I want to say that I REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU.

Penie Separa

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Feb 09, 2010
penie - my sweet student
by: Teacher mylz

hello penie,
wow.. i'm really amazed and touched of your message. thanks a lot. you're such a wonderful jewel that God made me own. i treasure you a lot as well. you're so sweet.:) love you for keeps.:)

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Farewell to Mr. Zia

by Dynasty Group
(Ashulia, Savar.)

Wishing you the best for now and forever

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Dec 24, 2010
by: Jobair Hasan

Dear Mr. Zia

This is just to let you know that you'll be missed.

I wish you the best in everything.


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by Diya Jadoon

Tujay kiss phool k tofa hum dann tu juda aysay mosam ma hoi jab trees k hatt kali ta******

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Farewell to my WIFE ZENY!!!

by Noel Camaganacan
(Ibaan, Batangas, Philippines)

I never knew that we end up to this. But its for are own good, I know you are not happy for me and I also feel strange about you... Hope our lives will continue to find what is for us... Take care always, I cannot bear the misery and sadness you brought to me... I know its time for us to end it up, you don't need me anymore... Farewell to my WIFE... PAALAM.

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Jan 20, 2011
by: thushara

thank god that its not she who left u
take care for not repeating the same

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We're gonna miss you Kathy..!

by Damien



Coming to work will never be the same without seeing you here.
You will be missed but never forgotten.
Wish you the very best in your new adventures.

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Farewell to Happy Jessy Lok

by Rainbow

Happy Jessy is the Happiest in the world

Happy Jessy is the Happiest in the world

I will miss u a lot Happy Jessy:)))))))

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Class of 2010

by Class of 2011

The saying "It takes a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye" is true. We met you, became instant friends and closely knit with you all. We shared great memories together in our lounge :) Memories which we believe would never ever be forgotten, they have left an imprint on all our hearts and we all will dearly miss you-our SEN10RS!

And Even though we will change and we will find our own place in the world, we all know that when the tears fall or the smile spreads across our face, we'll come to each other because no matter where this crazy world takes us, nothing will ever change so much to the point where we're not all still friends because we love you Class of 2010!

For you guys, a new adventure is starting,
Filled with sun, sea and sand,
We’d like to wish you luck,
As your horizons now expand,
Its time to say Adios,
Although I’d really rather say,
Ver usted de nuevo
Cos we’ll meet again someday!

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by DAR


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Goodbye 6A

by Elay Max

6A i luv u so much....i wil never 4get u.the time dat i spend wit u maybe short,but my heart is always wit u til the end of the matter wat happen luv u always 6A...6A fighting!!!

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A fond farewell to Mer

by Mer-Mer

Thank you, for the gift of knowing a person like you.

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Ummu Hani

by Your best bud, Shiffie

It has been sooo much fun with you since we became ^^ best of friends ^^ However, I think that the time that i spent with you is so short. Saranghae-yo Hani! Btw, do you think that Jong-hyun sunbae will give you a goodbye kiss?? Haha.. ///> There's one pic 4 u!! Wait, naega geuliulgeoya! (i am gonna miss you!)
So.. i gave you a farewell present. Hope you like it. Knowing that you really loove winnie the pooh, i bought that without thinking. Haha.. So yeah..
MAke sure that you will eventually call me when you reach there, call me. ;>

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by mona

im sorry...pls.forgive me.......I was wrong...hindi ko hinihiling na bumalik ka...ang gusto ko lang maliwanagan ka na hindi kta niloko o pnaglaruan....minahal kita at sineryoso kita....kung ako lang ang tatanungin mo,hindi kita kayang pakawalan pero sa bibig mo na nga rin mismo nanggaling na gusto mo ng lumaya...kaya gyno,malaya ka na....mahal na mahal kita...pero dapat ko rin siguro tanggapin na may mga bagay na hindi para sayo..o sa atin....for the last time I LOVE YOU...thank you for being part of my life....goodbye!

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Happy Always

by Maxis
(Taman Molek)

Hope to see you again and remember me always!

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BON VOYAGE!!! Avelyn

by Ady

Do not forget ~ LitLe Kindnesses.,
Do not remember ~ LitLe Faults!,.

" we can never go back and change what has been done,.
but we can always earn the lesson learned to make
things better next time".

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We will definitely miss you!

Best of luck for the future...

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Miss CG and Mss Nor Hidayah

by Ayob Ibrahim

Well meaning person, good spirit to be a teacher, effortless to improve the technic / arts of teaching and most of all in readiness to change and to improve yourself and eagerly want to be a good teacher..

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Miss Wong

by June

May the road rise up to meet you....

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Farewell To LOLA ISING

by Rhyan Deleon
(Pque city)

Farewell Lola!

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Team Porari

by Ran

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light. May good luck pursue you each morning and night. Basta la proxima vez, Ms. Flexie.

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Adios Po--"Cholo"


Cholo! You have been a great leader, colleague, friend, food buddy, and basketball teammate for all of us!

We hope through this page you will find that gratitude from all of us who have been so positively impacted by your many, many contributions. As you embark upon your next journey in life we want you to leave knowing how important you are to us. This is a happy as well as sad time for us; we are happy because we know that this decision will bring great joy to your life. We are sad because we are losing a vital colleague, co-worker, teammate, and, above all, an amazing friend. We're going to miss you more than words can say. Your impact on our lives will stay long after you’ve left.

We just want to remind you how special you are, how pleasant it was to work with you, and just how much you will be missed. We also want to highlight special times, thoughts, and memories we share. As life moves forward, we hope to meet again at some crossroad in this continued journey of life; that’s a fancy way of saying please keep in touch!!!

We wish you all the happiness, joy, and peace in your next journey through life. Please be sure to have fun! And you're always welcome to comeback

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