Five Farewell Haiku

by Amber Brown


Flowers wave and nod
As their season takes its leave
Of them till next year.


Thanks for bringing cheers
To us after rainy days
Visit us again.

Racing Day

Sitting in the stands
Drivers cross the finish line
Waving and smiling.


Geese fly across the sky
Into the sunset for winter.

Egret is walking
In my pond but soon takes flight
To join his comrades.

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Three Haiku that say
Goodbye is only fleeting...

by Vik

I. Bedtime

When the crescent moon
set, the boy cried. His mom laughed,
"Soon. He'll come back soon."

II. First Day Without Her

The empty green chair---
filled with old conversations
from when she was there.

III. E-mail Address

The flow and the ebb
of moving---can't snap the threads
of the World Wide Web.

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