Farewell Tom Turnbull - You will be missed ! :(:(

by Katia Duarte

Dear Tom,

Just can't bring myself to say goodbye .....

Going to miss your "Good morning Katia !!" whenever I get to the Rietfontein office from Monday onwards ..... :(
Going to miss the Italian Christmas Cake in December of each year that you received and gave to me .......... :(
Going to miss all the goodies you would share - the biltong, the stories, the photos, the emails, hearing about Jack ............... :(
Going to miss knowing that if I walked into your office and asked for something - sweets for the children at Ponta, a bag for my laptop, whatever - you would always make a plan ............... :(
Going to miss YOU - your leadership, your guidance, your openness and honesty, your smile ................. :(

We'll certainly keep in touch - I'll forward a funny joke to your e-mail every now and again and I'm sure we'll have coffee sometime to catch-up on the news.

Tom, may you always have warm words on a cool eveing, a full moon with each dark night, may the road ahead rise up to meet you. You will always be successful in whatever you do because you always put your team first!

It was awesome working with you, one of the few special people I was privileged to meet at EnviroServ - Go well!!!


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Rare gentleman
by: Anonymous

Hi Tom
You will certainly be sorely missed by the entire team! In my 16 years of corporate life, I can truly say that I have not come across someone that can somehow always maintain his/her dignity in ALL situations and still run an effective business! Truly outstanding.

by: Jacques

Thank you for the short time that I had the honour of working with you. I wish you all the best for the future and if you ever come to Cape Town, you know where to find me.
Maybe invite me with to Mark's restaurant.
You will be missed.

Thanks Mr T
by: Tomatoe Man


It has been an absolute pleasure serving under you. You go with fond memories, lots of good stories and most of all the respect, admiration and loyalty of your entire team. Will keep in touch. Dean Shaw

Always Fair Tom
by: Jenny Orr

Dear Tom
As you leave on another journey, may you be filled with peace and love, as that is how we all know you Tom. Enjoy special moments with your family, and do all those daredevil things you have always wanted to do.

Fond Regards

Great leader and mentor
by: 2nd Ryan, young Ryan or just plain Ryan

Hi Tom,

Thank you for being such a great leader and mentor, I have gained priceless experience and knowledge working for Logistics.

You will be missed

All the best for your new venture and we must have a braai at your new house


Farewell Tom
by: Ryan van Heerden

I would just like to thank you Tom for all that you have done for me and the company. It has been a privilege to work for you.
You have taught me so much and I feel I have grown tremendously under your leadership and guidance. You truly inspired each and every one of us to give our best and work our hardest. It has never felt like just a job to me.
Good luck with your new endeavours and I really hope our paths will cross again.

Thank you Tom and you really will be missed. No one could fill your shoes.

Awesome TC
by: Linda


I would like to thank you for the great opportunity you gave me because you believed in my competence and passion.

I am really really going to miss you.

Best of luck with your new venture!


Tom the Trucker
by: Esme

Tom, can not believe it is time to say goodbye!!! I am going to miss you and your stories, your experiences, your wisdom, your "challenging the status qou",your friendly greetings, your fareness, our chats while you take a smoke broke, etc. etc.....Tom , I can carry on forever what we are going to miss but all I can say is that you are going to leave a huge hole/gap in our lives and we are going to MISS you. Good luck with the house hunting and the new job challenge, take care, enjoy your time with Jenny and keep in touch, Esme

Tom the Bom
by: Mark Lyons

Hi Tom

I wish you all of the best and may all your plans become reality.
If you are down in Cape Town some time I would like to take you to special place for a good meal with a very good view!!!!! Say no more!!
It was great working with you. I take my hat off to you for the way you managed the "boys".
The Tomato Award will always remind me of you and to this day I like to hear who's the new proud owner.
Keep well Tom.

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