by Loraynne
(Indang, Cavite, Philippines)

Farewell is a very sorrowful word
I feel I want to hit my head with a skateboard
Farewell is no good
It always destroys my happy mood

I cannot stand and pretend
That I am happy for you my friend
I am the greatest believer
That farewell is not forever

I should try
not to cry
I believe I can be strong
Or maybe I could be wrong

I will be sad if I don't see your face
Because it is a grace
If I can't see your smile
I know you're away a thousand miles

If I would say the word farewell
I feel like falling down a well
I know you'll be coming home
In any day that is random

We will decode Caesar's code
When you come home and introduce your toad
Farewell doesn't last forever
I knew you'll come home my sister

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