Friendly Geologist with a Beautiful Big Laugh


You'll be missed by everybody.
Your contributions to the site are very much appreciated.
Best of luck on your new working environment.


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Aug 06, 2009
by: Rachel

Hi Inge,

I will miss you.. I will miss your laughs and smiles.. and jokes..

I will also miss you singing Bohemian Rhapsody past 9:00 in the evening.. I wont forget that.. hahaha

Its so great that I met someone like you here in Newman. Thanks a lot and keep in touch.

All the best, girl.


Aug 06, 2009
by: Arvin

Hey Ing’s!

Thanks for the laughter’s
For the fun driving going in and out of OB18
For being so kind to us
And most of all,
For being such a true friend and real person

We will miss you and that’s for sure!

Our home is still open for karaoke night
when you’re bored it is just 2hrs drive : )

Good luck!

Aug 06, 2009
All the best Inge
by: Rui

You are always fun to be around and I haven't met anyone more eager to make a difference.

Enjoyed working with ya, and wish all the best.



Aug 06, 2009
Good Luck!
by: Richard

Good luck with your new opportunity. It has been great having you part of the NJVCM team. You brought a big heart and a great attitude to both OB25 and OB18. It has been fun working with you and I am sure we will see you around...

All the best!


Aug 06, 2009
Bye bye - sniff sniff
by: Andrea

Hey there wonderful friend
Hope everything everywhere is just great with you and your move to Yandi is the best thing for you. Make sure you keep in touch and if you want to stay north for a swing every now and then you know there will always be a room for you at my place.

Aug 06, 2009
To Inge
by: Syd

Thanks Inge for your help in training me when I arrived at OB25, it was greatly appreciated and all the best for your new adventures at Yandi.

Aug 06, 2009
for inge
by: vic

good on you for trying something new! i think is fabulous. have a great time there. thanks for showing me and teaching me stuff when i first arrived (like how no to be scared of haul trucks!)am sure we will see you around- or will hear you down the phone for qaqc!
take of luck.

Aug 06, 2009
Seeya Inge - best of luck!
by: Em

If we could extract your laugh and turn it into a pill we'd solve half the world's problems i reckon! Been great working with you Inge. Hope you've left a couple of rocks behind for other geo's to collect. Sunshine to ya. Warmest wishes, Em

Aug 06, 2009
Inge - Intelligent, Nice, Good Looking, Excitable
by: miz

Hey Inge

Gonna miss your crazy ways and crazy fads. Miss the good salads we used to eat during our day to day lunches and all those SAOs that also ended up as a social meeting network :)

Will miss that laugh and smile which made working weekends almost interesting

I dont think the place will be the same without ya but you must go and venture new lands

Have fun - keep young!

Aug 06, 2009
All the best
by: Steve

It has been great working with for these past few short months. I will miss your "ever ready to help" attitude and your "ever present" smile I know full well that Yandi will really benifit from having you there.
They are all a pretty good crew out there and I am sure that you will fit in very well.
All the best and take care. Keep in touch.

Aug 09, 2009
Good byes
by: Nina

Hi Inge,

We will miss you infectious presence in the office. Don't let them break you and continue smiling :)

Good luck at Yandi and keep in touch.


Aug 10, 2009
Farewell but not goodbye
by: Kerry Jones

Hi Inge,
It has been great working with you and geting to know you over the past 18months.
I will certainly miss you around the office and our training sessions. Wishing you all the best at Yandi and what ever comes your way in the future.
Until we meet again.

Aug 11, 2009
by: Woody

Hi Inge,

All the best up there in Yandi land. Thanks for all the help you have given me in my new role. Your laugh and keen attitude will be missed at OB18 but I am sure you will carry this on to the crew at Yandi.

Good luck and get stuck in :)

Aug 12, 2009
Best wishes
by: Lloyd

Hi Inge,

Will miss your smile and company, will be a plus for the team at Yandi. All the best with your new role at Yandi.

Aug 12, 2009
See ya later Inge
by: Ruby

Inge, We will gonna miss you especially your big smile and laugh, Good luck in your new job, and Mining Industry is such a small world, who knows we might see you again in the future :)

Aug 14, 2009
You will be missed
by: Mel & Chris

Good luck with the future and all the best at Yandi.... We will miss having you around the office and out in the Pit...

Hope to see you around Newman and Good luck with everything..

Mel (Admin) & Chris (Sampler)

Aug 16, 2009
Have a great time at Yandi
by: Steve Loach


I'm sure that you will have a great time at Yandi and that there will be plenty to do and learn. Will see you around the traps some-time soon.

Good luck and go well.

Steve Loach

Aug 17, 2009
All the Best
by: Conor

Enjoy yourself over in Yandi. It was a pleasure working along side you and I'm sure everyone at Yandi will benefit from your upbeat personality.

Aug 17, 2009
Best of Luck

Hi Inge,

It's been good knowing you. You have been such a wonderful person to work with and I will really miss you. Memories will linger forever.

Keep in touch and I wish you well for the future.


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