Good Bye Marla

by Foy
(Cocoa Beach)

Picture of me when I was in kindergarten

Picture of me when I was in kindergarten

Marla-I'll miss seeing your smile. You always had one for me. I'll miss laughing with you. And I'll miss being able to unload to you. You are a true blue friend.

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Jun 01, 2010
Bye Mrs. Allen!
by: Morgan

I will always remember when we had circle time and got new jobs every week that everyone always fought about!

Jun 01, 2010
I remember 8th grade buddies!
by: Christian

I remember when you let us outside to play with our awesome 8th grade buddies or the cool field trips when we had our buddies with us. It was a bucketful of fun! I'll miss you!

Jun 01, 2010
I'll always remember you Mrs. Allen!
by: Keli

Hi Mrs.Allen I will always remember how for some reason we would always try to be sneaky with you or Ms. Greenwell when we for some reason would try to wet paper towels and put them all over our faces!!! I'll never forget you Mrs.Allen.

Jun 01, 2010
You rock!
by: Jessica

I will miss how you were always cheerful and happy. You brightened up everyone's day! You will be missed. We love you!!!!

Jun 01, 2010
Imaginative Art!
by: Dontae

I remember when we were having a open house and I wanted to show my Dad how I can make rainbows with crayons and a pencil eraser by making lines with the crayons and then smudging them together using the pencil eraser. You always helped me do art and always encouraged me to do more than I expected I can do and I thank you for that because I am now VERY advanced in art and I am working on a project with my friends that includes pencil, colored pencils, and sharpies. Thank you for helping me get better at art and I will miss you badly.

Jun 01, 2010
My First Day!
by: Paris

I can vividly remember my first day in your spectacular class. I think I was extremely scared, like any other kid would have been, but nowadays I see pictures flash across my computer screen with me, you, and my fellow colleagues all having a great time. But to me, the memory that I most clearly see is the first day when you told the whole class to settle down and sit on the carpet. You told us to,"criss cross applesauce", and I had no idea what it meant! So I simply put my legs out in front of me and listened to what you said. But you came back over to me and said ,"please criss cross applesauce, Paris". Then I think I listened that time, but I'm not completely sure, because I don't have good memory.I have other memories I could share at this very moment, but I already typed too much.
Everybody will SO sincerely miss you! (Especially me!)

Love your most adoring fan

Jun 01, 2010
You're the Best!
by: Brandon

I'm going to miss you. You're my favriote teacher. I remember the first day, I didn't feel welcome and you made me feel welcome.

Jun 01, 2010
Show and Tell
by: Abigail

I always remember show and tell, because everyone would bring in all their fun little toys, it would be such a blast.Show and tell was also so fun because you can tell about your item of choice.I'm sure everyone loved show and tell.We'll miss you so very much, Mrs.Allen

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