Goodbye Gabby, from your twice home to your also once before home!

by Natalie Wilson
(F'burg, where you used to live once before and are leaving!)

Yup, That's her folks!! :D

Yup, That's her folks!! :D

You're bubbly, fun, and adventurous with your from-deck-to-trampoline-diving, and swing-to-trampoline-crashing-epically-failing!!!

You were the life of the party anywhere you went!!

Don't worry-- you will never be forgotten here, or there, or ANYWHERE!

We'll always remember, "The Girl of the 5 Page Card," "The Girl Whose Candle Would Not Light," & "The Girl Who Jumped-- TWICE!!"

From those who have just met you to those you have known forever, we will ALWAYS love you!!!!! :)

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Jun 16, 2010
Yankees are still the best!!
by: Anonymous

I'm sure by the title you already know who i am. I hope that you have a great time back in Arizona. Me and Natalie will try to visit. Call or text me anytime 540-847-1623.
Makayla Snider

Jun 19, 2010
I'm gonna miss you
by: Karah Joy

Hey gabby,

Hey its karah im gonna miss you sooooo much we had such great times this year. I just hate to see them leave. I hope you can go to the mall with me before you leave! CMS wont be the same with out you! Were all gonna miss you soooo much!!!!!!!!!

!!Karah Joy!!

Jun 20, 2010
by: Ally

Hey Gabby! I'm really gonna miss u!!! Just remember I'm ur insane negative BFFA <333 !

Jul 16, 2010
I'm Sorry
by: Erich

I'm sorry I was so... You know...

I really thought you were... Pretty cute...

Aug 22, 2010
Hi! i miss you! your visiting va without me!
by: Anonymous

Hi! Its obviously hannah so i hope your having fun in az well actually i just heard you in VA WITHOUT ME!jk its ok i hope you having fun!i miss you.
your friend,

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