by rose

Color, color, colors 7 colors
Rainbow colors
Somehow I never come to love them
Too pinchy, too bright
I pretended to like them wear them and trend them
But my true colour is always black

Maybe I'm too dark for my own good
Maybe I'm too shady for my own look
I don’t care black is warm
Colors blend colors fade
Colors becomes black

This way I don’t have to care about red
Black and red compliments
Black and white monochrome
My only home

Sometime I hate it to be so in love with black
Black has given me nothing but just been ok...
Me being like that?!
I guess the color of my heart is also black

Cuz there's a big black hole that wants more and more of everything
Let’s not talk about love, let’s not talk of kindness
Cuz with black it’s all meaningless
Black is like mystery... intriguing yet complicated
Black is taboo... black is devil... black is lonely
Blackmail me and fail me

Someday I will regret for being so black
Feeling blues but again I go back to black
To get some peace
Half of the peace is black
And I'm just that piece of black...

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farewell my batch 2009-2013

by rose

I stood up in my mind pacing in and out of the whirlpool of memories,
Finding myself, however, sitting in a plastic chair with hands clamping my face,
Listening to my dream tracker and getting inspired,
Igniting that fire that been dead so long,
so long, just smoke filled up my heart
And I could only see grim and kept hating those grinning faces and same old places

I wanted to run away even knowing running has no end,
Considering this world, my foes who killed me everyday,
Like a fool or a game, I pressed that replay,
But now I say I'm sorry,
I say good bye,
I say good night,
I say every word that says it’s all over,
The days already gone by,
This is the end,
This is my farewell to my entire friends.

I know I offend so sorry I'm just a human being,
I'm not perfect but I don’t point imperfection, cuz I believe mistakes are a good teacher,
And I can’t stop learning from them,
If you truly ask me "how’s life?!"
I will say "life’s good!"
Life’s a bitch but who’s gonna give a crap about it,
You like it, you hate it, whatever,
You will live it.
Yeah I'm being a damn boring realist,
So sorry I'm drifted out of topic,
Coming all the way doing so much so much so many extras,
And concluding like a bibliography isn’t fair. Enough I guess,
So bear with me if I take a minute more for this event's sake,

In 2009 it all began with little girls feeling all grown up after completing school, went to college...
College? Uh huh...2009 it all began,
Little dumpling went to steamers called nursing,
Pressure pressure everywhere,
O god I was so clueless but we were assured,
Nobody’s jobless,
Yeah those perks - mommy daddy reassured,
First day first impression sadly it didn’t went too well,
Day by day I was feeling sick we were getting sicker,
Concerning our fluctuating weight and figures,
Some swelling up and some skinning,
Oldies we all are becoming,
With all the birthdays that missed writing papers,
Writing assignments, writing exams,
4 years of our lives we worked our ass off!
Now please don’t complain anymore

Two Oh Oh Nine batch remember that we are awesome!
We are the last less number of students!
We are the batch who went to mazitar but sadly couldn’t go to mahe!
All I can say is god bless our juniors you are luckily unlucky or unluckily lucky!
But we like to call ourselves the unlucky batch just like that...
Cuz we don’t depend on luck,
Once titled the worst batch in the entire college,
The naughtiest noise machine, housing the people with attitudes.
And pretty little liars but still the house of talent and unique personalities,
The most interactive, the most active batch is now closing down,
Marking the rise of new coup d’état soon will be going out to the world,
I wish best of the best for all of my mates,
Lets meet in future to come or in heaven’s gates,
I guess we never know coz time’s flies,
And it’s already time now to part ways,
to bid farewell,
It’s been a roller coaster ride full of nostalgia and pure memories...
And I'm gonna keep it till I don’t suffer dementia
Both good and bad sides of

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