Happy Retirement Ray Curry!!

by Jayne Vanderlin
(De Pere, WI)

Wishing you the very best in your retirement. Enjoy!!!

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Good luck in retirement
by: Jim Vespalec

Best wishes for a happy, healthy retirement! It is amazing how fast the years have gone.

Happy Retirement
by: Kathy Erdmann

Hey there Ray,

Wishing you the very best in retirement---or should I say ---as you begin the next chapter.


May your drives fly straight and always skip across the water!
by: Jeff Cloninger

Good luck to you Ray, enjoy your retirement! I appreciate all the knowledge you were willing to share in our relatively short overlap.

by: Steve Marty

Enjoy yourself Ray! I know you will!

Best Wishes
by: Jane

Ray, it's been a pleasure working with you and comparing career notes over the years. Enjoy a long and healthy retirement!

Best Wishes
by: Colin Vickman

Hey, it was a pleasure to work with you. Enjoy your retirement!

Best Wishes
by: Carl Schuetz

Ray, it was a pleasure to work with you and spend the time we had sharing war stories. We'll miss your wealth of information and drive to get things right but are happy for you. Best wishes in retirement and if you're ever near Pewaukee please stop in to say hey.


Farewell Ray!
by: Tim Jacobson

Thanks for the time and effort that was put into all the help you have provided to me. It has been a pleasure to work with you and it is unfortunate that our time working together was brief. I wish you a happy retirement and hope that you are able to enjoy every bit of it. Please stay in touch and keep the golf balls out of the tall grass.


Best wishes
by: Dean Oswald

Congratulations on your retirement and I wish you the best of luck with your future plans. I enjoyed the chance we had to work together in the aftermath of the tornado at North Appleton and your expertise on the Westinghouse OCBs. Keep on running.

by: Ben Gura

Congratulations on your retirement! Hope you find it relaxing and rewarding after all of the hard work you have given to ATC.

Best Wishes
by: Daniel Horton


I hope the best is yet to come for you and your family in this next stage. Make sure to pass along your knowledge to us young folks who still have many years to go!

Best wishes
by: Adam Niemuth

Ray, it’s been great getting to know you over the past 10 years. I wish you well in your retirement. Based on how you hit that driver I know you will be keeping busy! AYEEEEE!

by: Tim Grunlund

Ray - Fond memories of barbecue sauce in Jackson Mississippi. Good times. I know you remember the rest of the story... Best wishes in retirement!

The Best is Yet to Come!
by: Raul

Hey Ray,
It's been great and it's been fun. May your next commissioning gig (grand kids) be greater and funner. Vaya con Dios, mi amigo!

Best Wishes!!
by: Colleen Comstock

Wishing you the very best in retirement and hoping you enjoy your newly found free time! It has been great working with you.

by: Duane Schoon

It's been great working with you, Ray! I'm sure you'll enjoy retirement, especially living where you do!

Fair winds and following seas!


Congrats Ray!
by: Jason Henderson

Now you can take a nap and not be woke up with work. Have fun with your retirement, live it up and it was a pleasure working with you.

Happy retirement
by: Nibrass Almansouri

Best wishes for a very happy retirement.

by: Pat Fischer

Congrats on your retirement! Nice to have had the opportunity to work with you on the PCC conferences the past few years. Good Luck!

Just have fun!
by: Jo Ann

Ray, Happy Retirement and just have fun!

Act II
by: KL

Ray, I did not get to work with you much as I am on the t-line side, but I met you once when I visited Sunset Point for a project. I was impressed with your extensive knowledge and patience when answering my questions. I wish you the best in your second act.

Best Wishes
by: Sue Swenson

Best wishes as you transition into your next adventure. Things will be different--you won't have to wear bright yellow clothing unless you want to. Hope you have all kinds of fun.


Best Wishes
by: Logan


Best wishes in retirement; I'm sure going to miss my favorite golf outing buddy. Enjoy your trip to Europe!


Happy Retirement
by: Alla Deronja


It has been a pleasure working with over years and I will miss you.

Enjoy your retirement!

Best wishes for a great retirement
by: Nick Grossenbach

Ray, I wish you the best in the next phase of your life. Thanks for all that you've done for ATC and our commissioning team!

Happy times
by: Shawn

God bless you the rest of your life. Enjoy the peace of retirement

Happy Retirement
by: Heather Ault

I wish you a happy retirement and hope you enjoy every moment of it.

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