Happy Retirement Sally Tinberg!

by Nancy White
(Madison Wisconsin)

Sally Tinberg, ATC 2008 - 2017

Sally Tinberg, ATC 2008 - 2017


I wish you the very best in your retirement, and in your new home in Florida.

Your years of service at ATC are appreciated and your influence on the Facilities Assistance group will last forever.

Thanks for the memories!
Nancy White

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by: Anonymous

Best wishes, Sally! Thank you so much for your years of service to ATC. You will be missed!

Erika Biemann (Environmental)

Happy Retirrement
by: Diana K

Sally, thank you so much for all the hard work you did for team. You were a great team leader. You were very easy to talk to and a good listener. I hope you have a very long, healthy and fun-filled retirement. Thank you again.

The Next Chapter
by: Jennifer Walker

Hello, retirement! I’m so happy for you! I know how long you’ve been waiting for this. You’ve built quite a legacy since 2008 – such a solid team, and I don’t think there’s a corner of an ATC building that you haven’t personally touched (including some less-than-glamorous areas of buildings)! I hope your dogs are ready for Florida, I know you are!! Wishing both you and Jerry a long, healthy, sunny, contented retirement. Stay in touch!

Ahhhh Retirement!
by: Larry Crane

We will miss your humor and big smile. Thanks for all the support over the years! Good luck with the fun years ahead, lots of golf?

by: Deb Longtin

I wish you the best in your retirement. Enjoy the warm weather in Florida. We will miss you.

Happy Retirement!
by: Anonymous


Best wishes to you in your retirement! Enjoy Florida. We will miss you.

Happy Retirement!
by: Suzi Shaub

The palm trees are swaying in the warm Florida breeze, nestled along the sandy beach and just waiting for you to sit among them to watch the ocean waves...ENJOY!
I am so happy for you and Jerry! I wish you joy and peace during the next phase of your life! Thanks for all you've done for our team and ATC.


by: Harvey Veenstra

May you have a long and Satisfying retirement!

Sunny Days Ahead!
by: Sue Sawall

I always looked forward to seeing you when at the PWK office. We had some good laughs! Enjoy your retirement in the warmer climate and sunny days in Florida.

No More Mondays!
by: Sara Wilder

Congratulations Sally!

Weekdays are the new Weekends!

Cherish the memories of yesterday...
Celebrate today...
And wishing you enjoyable moments ahead!

Best Wishes on your retirement!

Now is the time when Monday mornings will feel like weekends :)

Stay in touch!

Best Wishes!!
by: David Hollenberger

Congratulations on your retirement! Your contributions to ATC success are truly appreciated. Enjoy the next phase of your life.

Congratulations !!!
by: Joe Janowicz

Enjoy. Sunshine every day - nice!!

by: Eric Solberg

Congratulations Sally. It was great working with you. I hope you and Jerry have a great, well deserved, retirement.

by: Val Lehner

Congratulations on your retirement Sally! You have always been such a pleasure to work with. Wishing you all of the best in your retirement!

by: Lisa Krueger

Congrats on your retirement! I have enjoyed working with you these past four years and wish you fabulous adventures down in Florida!

Here comes the sun!!!!
by: Pat Fischer

Congratulations Sally! You are retiring in style and in warm weather. It's been great to have had the opportunity to work with you :)

Best wishes
by: Tiffany Figliuzzi


Your time here at ATC has flown by! It's been great seeing your friendly and familiar face around the office. You will truly be missed at ATC. Enjoy your retirement in sunny Florida!

by: Lori Casetta

Yay!! What an exciting time for you!! I am SO jealous!! Here's hoping you enjoy every second of your retirement!! Send some SUN back to your friends here in WI!! TAKE CARE!!

Lucky you!
by: Chris Dailey

Thanks for your efforts at ATC. Congratulations and best wishes!

by: Eric Myers


Thank you for all you've done to make ATC a pleasant, safe, comfortable place to work. The care you've taken every day of our facilities and all of the people who live here has been the foundation of our company's success.



See you in Florida...
by: Krista

Wow, what a fun ride this has been. It was great to work with you over the years. You always took such pride in our buildings and really supported your team and ATC throughout. I wish you a ton of happiness and stress-free living in sunny Florida. Let's keep in touch so the next time I visit my Dad we can meet at the Village square for happy hour (what is that like 3-6pm).
Enjoy this next chapter, you deserve it!

Best wishes!!
by: Rita Brown

Sally you truly were a great boss I feel very lucky to have had you as my Team Lead. I hope retirement brings nothing but pleasant days ahead. Congratulations you made it!!

by: Sara Sauer

Congratulations on your retirement! Enjoy sunny Florida and time with your family!

by: Karen Horst

Congratulations Sally, what an exciting adventure you have ahead of you in retirement. We will all miss you.

Time to Enjoy Life on YOUR terms!
by: Mike Londo

Sally, congratulations on your retirement. I will very much miss our conversations about the Packers. Best of luck to you as you enter a new chapter in your life. You are an inspiration to all of us who are right behind you in the retirment line! Take Care!

Congrats lucky dog!!
by: Maureen Langenberg


I hope you have a wonderful next chapter of life and enjoy every minute of your retirement!!

Best wishes!!!

Happy Retirement!!
by: Cariann Pafford


It has been great working with you on all things SharePoint related. Have a great retirement!

It has been a pleasure...
by: Annie Povlich


I wish you so much happiness and joy going into your retirement. It has been a delight working for you and with you over the past years and I would like to thank you for giving me many opportunities at ATC that helped shape where I am today. Take care and enjoy beautiful Florida!

Congratulations Sally!
by: Linda Kind

Happy Retirement! What a great achievement. All the best to you and your family. Enjoy sunny Florida!!

Your Journey after Retirement
by: Barb Lentz

I want to wish you the best for the rest of your lifes journey. You will be missed by many.
Thank you for joining us for lunch and all of our interesting topics. Sharing your pictures was a fun time for me. I enjoyed your company.

Barb Lentz

Your retirement!
by: Lori Lorenz

Sally, thank you for your many years of hard work, dedication and commitment to your team, Facilities and ATC overall. Best of luck to you in the future and our wishes for a happy, healthy, fulfilling retirement! You will be missed . . .

Congratulations Sally!!!
by: Sandra Anderson

Thanks for your service Sally and best of luck to you!!!

by: Rachel Ritter

Congratulations on your retirement! May the Florida sun treat you well and your days be filled with relaxation, laughter and time spent with your family.
You will be missed.


You Will Be Missed
by: Mark Balconi

It has been great working with you. You always wanted only the best for our team and ATC. Thank you so much!

by: Jill Muller

Will miss seeing your face around the offices! Good luck to you and I hope you pop back in every once in a while to say hello. Thanks for always looking out for all of us! Love ya.


Good luck
by: Elizabeth Sigmund

Good luck, I hope you enjoy your retirement, and more time spent with family.

Best Wishes
by: Stephen Taipala

Best wishes to you in your retirement. I always enjoyed your smile and positive outlook! Take care!

by: Herb Foster

Sally, Thanks for all of your support over the years. I hope you'll enjoy the warmer temps. Best wishes.

by: Nicole Vega-Loomis

Congratulations on your retirement! Enjoy the weather wherever you are staying.

by: Jenny Bradley

Sally, it's been a pleasure working with you. You are so passionate and caring about your work, you will be missed. I wish you all the best in the next chapter of your life.

Kind regards,

by: Shari Wayne

Sally, Congrats on your retirement. It has been nice working with you. I am sure you will enjoy FL - how cool and fun!

by: Karna

Wishing good luck and healthy life in post retirement phase.

by: Nibrass Almansouri

Congratulation on your retirement. We wish you all the best.

by: Melissa Rhynes

It's been a pleasure working with you for the past year Sally. Congratulations on your retirement and enjoy enjoy enjoy!

by: Brian McGee


It's been a pleasure working with you the past nine years and I wish you a long, happy and healthy retirement! Enjoy!

by: Gail Neustifter

Sally, I am so very happy for you! Wishing you health and happiness away from the snow :)

Congratulations Sally!
by: Scott Baar

I wish you the best in this next stage of your life. I hope you and your husband enjoy your time in Florida.

by: Heather Ault

Congrats on retirement and all you have achieved. I really enjoyed working with you, even though it wasn't often. We will miss you.

Congrats on your retirement
by: Kay Hinck

Sally, you put me at ease from the moment I met you at my interview. Your energy is contagious. Best of luck to you in this new phase of your journey of life. Enjoy.

by: Heather Andrew

Congrats on your retirement Sally! Enjoy!

Uh, duh...retirement!
by: David Hovde

Sally, Sally, Sally...you're really leaving ATC and all your wonderful work? O.K., to say the very least, that's a rhetorical question. Congratulations on your decision and, more importantly, WOO HOO for what's to come! I've very much enjoyed our opportunities to work together - not to mention all your efforts - and those of your team - that have helped to make ATC a great place to work. Enjoy the many years ahead!

Way to go Sally!
by: Anonymous

Sally, I've enjoyed working with you over the years. best of luck in all your future plans. It's amazing how our paths crossed long before ATC and I hope our paths will cross again down the road.
All the best!
Steve Dykstra

Sally Reitirement
by: Beth McBride

Congratulations Sally!
Thanks for the temperature control help over the past several years. Guess you won't have to deal with anyone complaining in Florida that it's too cold. LOL.
Beth McBride

by: Rich lShultz

Thank you for all your have done and enjoy your retirement!

by: Joe Benzschawel

Congratulations Sally! Best wishes on the next stage of life.

by: Shanna Mitchell

Congratulations on your retirement Sally! Have lots of fun in Florida and spend quality time with your family. Enjoy!

Congratulations Sally!
by: John Aaholm

Congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful retirement Sally!

by: John Gould

Congrats and enjoy your retirement, Sally! Thanks for all your help and sheepshead discussions over the years...

Best Wishes
by: Paul Roltgen

Congratulations on you retirement, it has been a pleasure to getting to know you.

by: Ashley Sundquist

You are being promoted to one of the best roles in your life....RETIRMENT!!! So many thanks to you for everything you have done for me and our amazing team! Heads up……we will be planning a Facilities meeting to FL in the near future ;)  Congratulations Sally, ENJOY!!!

by: Nathan Chikowski

It has been a joy to work with you. Enjoy your retirement!

Congrats Lucky You!
by: Liz Vent

I hope you have a wonderful time in retirement with your puppies and playing pickle! I will always remember when you let me retake my ID picture after a horrible one taken when I was ill.


by: Tia Garthus

Congratulations on your retirement! I hope you enjoy all this new chapter in your life has to offer!!

Happy Retirement!
by: Bob Sier

You are a remarkable and resilient woman! Unfazed by security violations with the cleaning crew, mounted fish on the wall, artwork installed upside down, mysterious flashing blue lights and a hidden fire alarm reset, as well as the occasional snake, turtle, frog, raccoon, mouse and turkey, let alone an occasional snowstorm and continual facility expansion and improvement you persevered.

You deserve and will greatly enjoy retirement!

by: Dan Toth

Enjoy your well deserved freedom!

by: Jim Lauby

Congratulations and enjoy!

Happy Retirement
by: Vivian Myers

Hi Sally,

I wanted to wish you a wonderful retirement. May you enjoy your retirement to the fullest.

In case you wonder who am I? I'm the new Records Specialist in West Portfolio Engineering Team. Sorry, I did not get a chance to meet you personally.

The Day has Finally Arrived...
by: Kathi Robinson

Dear Sally,

I wish you all the best as you enter retirement. I know that you'll be so busy finally doing "stuff" for yourself that you wonder how you ever found time to work.

All my best to you and your husband.

Please enjoy every day!

New Adventures!!!
by: Danny Deetz

Thanks for helping us succeed in delivering the needs that makes the Fen Oak location a great place for your company and its employees! Enjoy your new adventure.

Danny Deetz
Goldridge Capital Management

Real Estate Rep.
by: Lori Hornbeck

Congratulations Sally!!!
Enjoy retirement!!!
Lori Hornbeck

by: Pam


Congrats to you on your retirement! I hope you enjoy your time - you've earned it. Things won't be the same without you. :)


Happy Retirement :)
by: Anonymous

Wish you the best in retirement! It's been a pleasure getting to know and work with you:) Enjoy the sun and everything else that comes with not having to get up and go to work...lol

Take care!

Thank you and Congrats!
by: Steve Oser


Thanks for making Cottage Grove a great place to work from a facilities stand point. Congratulations on your retirement, and enjoy your time in Florida!

Thank you and Congrats!
by: Steve Oser


Thanks for making Cottage Grove a great place to work from a facilities stand point. Congratulations on your retirement, and enjoy your time in Florida!

Best Wishes
by: Amy Gerrits

Take care Sally!
Enjoy your retirement!!

by: Sharon Dyer

It has been my please working with you. Enjoy your retirement, it is well deserved.

Your well earned "Retirement"
by: Raul

Hey Sally,
Tons of blessings,
Tons of sunshine,
Tons of years,

by: Randy Satterfield


Congratulations on your retirement. Thanks for all your help over the years. Best of luck and have fun in the next stage of your life.


by: Denise Nelson

I wish you all the best in your retirement years!
Thank you for your trust and the opportunity to work with you!! You will be missed.

Best Wishes!

Best WIshes!
by: Michelle Stokes

It has been a pleasure working with you Sally. I especially enjoy working with you on the De Pere fitness center; you were a great champion for us in that effort. Thank you for everything you have done for us at ATC and I wish you nothing but the best in retirement. Enjoy that Florida fun and sunshine!!!

So happy for you!
by: Patty Gobin

Congratulations on your retirement. It will take big shoes for the next Team Lead to live up to. You've done a great job for ATC and I wish you well on your retirement adventure. So happy for you! And maybe a lot envious! LOL.

Many Congratulations
by: Logan Brecklin

Although we only met months ago, I've already seen the amazing impact you've had on so many people at ATC, and how your warm, kind personality lifts all of those around. I wish that you can enjoy all of the greatness of retirement that you've earned.


Congratulations, Sally!
by: Teresa Kochaver

Sally-I am so happy for you, but sad for ATC. You will be missed. You are a shining star who puts so much passion and energy into your work. Thank you so much for everything over the years and especially for the fitness center in De Pere-it is so nice. God Bless you and your family in your new venture. Enjoy every minute-you deserve it.

Congrats & Godspeed!!
by: Patty Sherman

Sally, My birthday "twin", so happy for you on your retirement. What an incredible life event!!! You have worked so hard at ATC in making it a great place to work. Thanks for all your work and more importantly your friendship. God Bless you on this new life journey!

by: Ed


enjoy life
by: Steve Marty

Congratulations Sally! Enjoy your retirement!

by: Jayne Vanderlin

Congrats on your retirement Sally! So happy for you. Enjoy that warm sunshine in Florida!! We will miss you:)

Take Care,
Jayne Vanderlin

by: Anonymous

Congrats on your retirement! Enjoy!!

by: Bailey Williams, QPS

Congrats on your retirement, Sally! Thank you for being such a positive and easy partner in staffing these last few years. I wish you the best in retirement and enjoy the beautiful Florida sun for us full-time Wisconsinites. You deserve it!:) Take care!

All the best Sally!
by: Nancy Schuette

Cheers to your retirement. It was always a pleasure working with you. Enjoy the next chapter!

by: Yi Li


Congratulations on your retirement and have fun in Florida!

by: Claire Tabilas

You have been nothing but helpful in the short time that I've known you. I can't thank you enough for your help and kindness and have congratulations! Have a wonderful time in Florida!

by: Mike Treadaway

Thank you for your excellent service here at ATC. I hope your retirement is fantastic! Free at last. Best wishes.

Happy Retirement!
by: Michael Boettcher


Even though we have not worked together for long, I wish you all the best in your retirement! It is well-deserved!

Thank you!

Happy Retirement Sally
by: Michelle Roth


Wishing you all the joy, laughter, and relaxation as possible. Enjoy this new chapter in your life!

Happy Trails to YOU!
by: Linda Glynn

I am so happy for you to "live the dream". I wish for you that all the wonderful things you plan to happen go without a hitch! XO Linda

Whoa Baby :)
by: Kelly

Sally, So many thanks to you for everything you have worked on for our team. From DAY 1, with all of your excitement and energy when we met you at our staff meeting with Lu-Lu, plunging into everything for the Team Leader and then everything you have done for facilities. Your persistence in having our positions recalibrated, for being there for us during our professional needs along with being so very supportive in our personal situations. Thank you for being a great leader! We will miss you. I for one will never forget the impact Verona coffee has on you:):):)

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