Hellenic Goodbye

by Elena Koroniadis
(Wellington, New Zealand)

Some Hellenic phrases:

Herete! (Χαίρετε!)
Adio (Αντίο!)
Is to epanithin! (Εις το επανιδείν!)

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Our Farewell Customs depend on who we say goodbye to and on how long it will take for us to see the person.
Individually, we normally kiss or hug or shake hands with the person leaving. We may organise a party for the person leaving accompanied by music, food and presents.

If the person is dead, we cry and stay all night long next to him/her before the funeral.
In some villages, old people sing sad songs or talk about how devastating it is for the family of the deceased.
After the funeral, coffee and cookies are offered to the attendants and/or a meal cooked either at home or at a restaurant.

Hellenic customs?
by: Bek

Just curious... are there any Hellenic farewell customs?

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