How will I say goodbye?

by Junaid Ali
(Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India)

The days go like hell
The time does not pass well
Before things I do fell
Sans break I just yell

Give me an answer how will I,
Get over my deep grief and sigh
With effortless effort I try,
Speaking the hard word-Goodbye

The bloomingly splendid days
That filled my life with colorful rays
Of mirth and ecstasy that paved my ways
Removing any bit of sorrow’s haze

Thinking this all how will I,
Utter this cruel word goodbye

The bright nights that were made
The fun and frolic that never fade
The sweet smiles that things played
On my face that threw me amazed

Thinking of this all how to try
Of saying the wretched word goodbye…

The shackles of glorious past
Whose embrace I wished it last
Till eternity and not too fast
Coz upon this prison nothing can overcast
With this unwanted freedom how to try,
To spit out the leaving word goodbye..

The eyes automatically cry
The mind gets completely dry
Thinking of unconceivable try
Of saying the last word goodbye…

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