Jackie Olson - Congratulations on your retirement!

Jackie, wishing you the best in your travels and hunting for that special place in the sun. We will miss you.

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by: Erika Biemann

It has been awesome working with you Jackie! Your smile and great attitude are infectious. You will be missed!

Enjoy this new phase of life!


by: Maripat Blankenheim

Congratulations on an amazing career. How many people can say they quit their job only to be hired back within hours as a contracted spokesperson? Just one example of your incredible value to the industry... and your colleagues. We’ll always have the wood shed meeting. Cheers to a happy retirement and years of fun, travel and relaxation.


Smiling...just keep smiling
by: Larry Delo

It has been a true pleasure to know you and I have always appreciated your help and enthusiasm. Best of luck to you guys as you travel about. Don't forget to stop back once in a while to share a libation and tell a tale at La Vie :)

Congratulations on your retirement
by: Tom Malanowski


It's been great working with you over the years and I cherish our friendship with you and Greg. I hope hope our paths continue to cross. Enjoy. You earned it.

by: Kelly Wengerter

Jackie, It has been a real pleasure working with you. Your retirement is definitely well deserved and I wish you the best! Thank you for all of the delicious recipes, we've truly enjoyed the sheet pan dinners. You definitely believe in community -- opening your home to our various showers was very much appreciated. I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures and hope we can meet up for a glass of wine or 2.....

Best Wishes!
by: Tia

Jackie, Congratulations on your retirements!!

It has been a pleasure working with you. After all your hard work and accomplishments now it's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor (wine is a fruit - right?!?)

Wishing you a relaxing and fun future! Tia

Best wishes in retirement!
by: Trisha Smith

It has been wonderful to work with you at ATC. I wish you and Greg much happiness as you both enjoy being retired.

Best wishes,
Trisha Smith

by: Rita Hayen

Hi Jackie. Congrats on your retirement. Walt told me the best thing about being retired is you forget what day it is - they all feel like Saturday! We wish you health, happiness and a retirement filled with Saturdays.

Rita and Walt.

Here's to your next adventure!
by: Susan Finco

Jackie.....wishing you all the best on your retirement. I know there are a lot of adventures waiting for you! It has been a pleasure working with you through the years. And it's great to be able to call you a friend. Here's to years of trips, R&R, wine and fine food! Susan

by: Kaylin Schueler


Congrats on the upcoming retirement! You are a great co-worker and wonderful advocate for charitable organizations in the Northern WI area. I enjoyed working with you over the years and wish you health and happiness!

Kaylin Schueler

by: David Hollenberger


Congratulations on your retirement!! It has been a pleasure working with you. I will miss your positive attitude and smile which always brightened my day. Best wishes in the future.


Congrats Jackie!!
by: Mayor Mike Walsh

I am so happy that you are going to retire--you certainly deserve it. I have so enjoyed working with you on the Chamber and have always thought that you had great enthusiasm and passion for whatever you did. Thank you for letting me get to know you and good luck in your retirement and whatever you decide to do. Mike

Congratulations Jackie!
by: John Aaholm

Best wishes as you transition into retirement and get to enjoy time with family and friends. Your contributions to ATC will be missed!

Thank you and ENJOY!
by: Anne Spaltholz

Jackie, you've been a great colleague and friend over our many years together at WEPCO and ATC. Thank you for representing ATC so well in good times and during the challenges. You have earned the relaxing life you have ahead in retirement. Enjoy and stay in touch!

by: Tom Finco

Well done and congratulations! It has a been a privilege and pleasure to work with you. Thank you for your contributions and outstanding work over the many years. Enjoy!


Congratulations and ENJOY...!...
by: Rick Steeber

Jackie....Congratulations on your retirement. I very much appreciate all that you have done for the De Pere Area Chamber of Commerce, the United Way of Brown County and all of the other ways that we have connected over the years. Please stay in touch as you move forward with the next chapter of your life. Please know that if you are ever in the area of The Villages, Florida, I would very much enjoy getting together to talk about old times, perhaps over an adult refreshment.....Hopefully I will see you at Celebrate De Pere this May - that remains on my volunteer opportunity list.....TAKE CARE and ENJOY...!...
Rick Steeber

by: Neil Palmer

I had the great pleasure to work with Jackie at Wisconsin Electric, Neil Palmer & Associates and ATC. She is simply one of the best at her craft and fun to work.
My favorite Jackie quote stated at about 10:30pm after a very long public meeting about the proposed RockGen Power Plant project: "I think the gene pool needs some bleach."The Best
I have to admit after months of beer and food pictures on Facebook I thought she was retired.

Thumbs Up!
by: Jane Petras

Congratulations on wrapping up a great career at ATC! It was a pleasure working with you on many projects. You are a consummate professional, always offering expert advice and services. Enjoy your next adventures in life!! Take care. :-)

Wishing you the best in retirement!
by: Nick Grossenbach

Jackie, It has been a pleasure to work with you. I hope you have a wonderful retirement!

by: Stacy J. Schlemmer

Congratulations on your retirement, Jackie!! Enjoy every minute of it :) You have been a great addition to the De Pere Chamber Board and I will miss seeing your smile at our meetings!! -Stacy

Best Wishes
by: Bob Rusch

Jackie, I will miss working with you on the ATC annual report! Thanks for all your efforts over the years, and best wishes in this next phase of life!

Best Wishes and You’ll Be Missed!
by: Michelle Stokes


Please know that the personal and professional impact you’ve had on us at ATC and in the De Pere office will leave a hole when you retire that cannot be filled. However, you’ve be a great example for us all so we’ll pick up where you leave off and do our best.

Best wishes on your retirement and the great adventures you have planned. You deserve, and have earned, every day of it.

Congratulations on a fantastic career in the industry and know you’ll be deeply missed by your friends and colleagues at ATC.

Well Done?
by: Randy Satterfield


Thanks for many great years of phenomenal service to ATC. All the best in your retirement. Hopefully you'll get to enjoy warmer weather.


Best Wishes
by: Logan Brecklin

Best of wishes to you in retirement, Jackie! You've worked so well to involve ATC in local organizations and volunteer efforts. You have an amazing personality that can positively affect so many around you. Hope to see you around La Vie Boheme in retirement! :)

Best regards,

by: Daniel Horton


It has been pleasure these past several years to work with you. I hope you enjoy your retirement and have a great time in the sunshine and with your family!

by: Mike Hofbauer

Congratulations on your retirement, Jackie! Thanks for all the great work you've done for ATC over the years. We'll miss you!

Congratulations, Jackie O.!!!!
by: Teresa

Well the tick-tocking is nearing its ATC end--you will be missed terribly. I am so happy for you as you venture forth in this new and wonderful phase of life!! Thank you for being such a sound, professional, and treasured colleague. Now you "get to" do rather than "have to" do. So happy for you and Godspeed! Your friend always, Teresa.

Best wishes Jackie...you will be missed!
by: Kathy

Hi Jackie--It has been my absolute pleasure getting to know you personally and work with you professionally. Thanks for always being there as colleague, mentor, confident, and friend. You were always the solid foundation that I turned to for advice and I will miss you greatly. Best of luck in your new adventures! Always, Kathy

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