by Perli

Just keep davenning.....

Just keep davenning.....

Dearest Malcs

"A good-bye is never painful unless you’re never going to say hello again."

SO!!!!! Lets try not be sad and get on with life as happily as ever cuz we're gona see each sooner or l8er with a BIG "HELLO"!!!!!!!!

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Jul 19, 2010
by: Chani

Malcs!! cant believe the day has actually arrived. it's gona be soo different here without you but at least i'll be joining u (sooner than u think.....) and iyh everyone wil join when mashiach comes, bekorov! :)
Malcale i want to wish you loads of hatzlocho. Im gona miss u LOADS thnx for being the gr8est!!!!!
wil bit

Jul 19, 2010

So d times finally come then!?!?!?

Theres nothing more i can say other than good luck in the Holy land (and u should be glad ur leaving england and its horrid weather behind.) On a more serious note-wishing you only mazal out there and may things go easy 4 u and u should settle in quickly. and btw i cant w8 2 come visit :)

hatzlocho again
aml dassa xx

Jul 21, 2010
by: Dassy R

Malcale!! You're leaving just as I come home...... :-( Hopefully I'll get to see you sometime- Israel's really not so far away!! What's 4 1/2 hours?!? But I'll miss seeing you around the area... Settle in well (you have Reizy for company!!!!), and hope your new mokoim brings you loads of mazel!!
Always TOY,
Dassy xxx

Jul 23, 2010
Missin ya...
by: Leah


Dunno what work is gonna be like without you, gonna seriously miss you!! Yesterday we had cholent and it wasnt the same without you, and i dunno whats gonna become our chev?? Theoretically we would've given you a refund, but since you didnt pay to begin wiz.... Lol.

I wish you a lot of hatzlocha in everything you do and will do, and i hope that we will be reunited together in yerushsholayim bekorav!!

Be in touch and thinking of you! Xx

Jul 23, 2010
by: Eidel!

MALCALE!!! ur meshig!!! it's not norm - the chev is srsly feeling ur loss!!! twas so nerdy eatin cholent w/o u y-day :):)!!!!
a/w ruth keeps runnin in 2 check wot i'm up2 so i'm just gonna wish u tunz o hatzlocha in the holy land!!!! mayb i'l bump in2 u 1 day n u'l b that thriving businesswoman!!!

Jul 24, 2010
by: Chava Yitty

Hey Malcale
Will miss seeing you around.. Glad for you youre leaving berker..
Hatzlacha for the move and it should all be with mazal.
Love Chava Yitty

Jul 24, 2010
cant wait to meet u!
by: Reizy

hi!!aaaaah i heard al about this move...but at least there is s1 i can go to borrow my flower from!!! dont b shy of me!!!looking forward!!! aml, reizy xxx

Jul 25, 2010
by: Esti Oberlander (Mund)

Wow your really moving away from your home town, all those emotions... wishing you all the best and Malcale hope it goes easy!!

Malcale, goodbyes are not forever... they simply mean ill miss you till the time next time we meet - Looking forward to see you soon... Hold on... Im coming!!


Jul 25, 2010
The time has come...
by: Michal

Malcale I cant believet the time has come good luck with everything..., missing you from afar...dont worry so far we have kept in touch now its only two hours later...well manage the time...good luck with everything,

Lots of Love Michal

Jul 25, 2010
Missing u already
by: Yudis

To my dearest Calcali:P

Cant believe ur leaving. ill miss u like a bean n hope to see u in the winter if i come....

Thanks for all the gr8 memories...ill really miss it, n ur mum n fam!!!

Jul 25, 2010
Oh malcale!!!
by: yamna

Im soo sad!! gonna miss u loads!
I guess thats life...moving on huh?!? wishing u the best of british luck n hope it all goes according to plan;)
see you around someday!!
make the most of yerusholaim!
thinkin of you....lots of love

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