Master of Inpit Island

Smiles of Rui

Smiles of Rui

We thank you for your great contribution in OB23/25.
Good luck on your new role.

NJV Team

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Mar 24, 2010
by: Kerry

I always say farewell never goodbye as there is every chance we will run into each other again somewhere down the track. I wish you all the best at Area C and for the future, whatever that may bring or wherever that may take you.

Mar 24, 2010
The knob legacy will always be remembered
by: Richard Whittington

All the best with the new opportunity at Area C, it will be a great opportunity for you and will help you along your path to great things. Hopefully we will still be able to catch up once in a while and you don’t forget about your friends back in Newman.

Best regards,

P.S. I have never had anything named after me. I am jealous as you will be leaving behind two legacies at OB25…. Rui rapids and of course Rui's knob!

Another thing, make sure you pay back all your debts before you go. From my calcs, you owe the fridge about $342,583 and about 13,427 microwave meals to Syd! Replacing them with cheaper version doesn’t count.

Mar 29, 2010
Good Luck Rui
by: Sean England


All the best on your career path and enjoy your time at Area C.

From a safety perspective you have been an absolute inspiration and I am pretty sure your record of a 3 hour SAO will be hard to beat.

I hope all goes well and remember OFR and EGCO, core business my friend.

Mar 30, 2010
Rapids, Knob....what next Rui's Range
by: Doug

All the best mate - it really has been a please working with you for these past 7 months.

Just remember the following things - never go to South Africa without malaria tablets, don't drive in South Africa and alway's maintain the "rage".....especially around safety (we have a job going at OB18 you's not to late). Maybe that is the next thing - "Rui's Rage".

Once again thankyou for the support and assistance - do not be a stranger.

Mar 30, 2010
Good Luck
by: Conor

Hey Rui,

Been a pleasure working with and around you mate. Enjoy your move to Area C and I'm sure we'll see you around. Take it easy.

PS. We never did get you out to that boxing training...

Mar 30, 2010
by: Kylie

All the best Rui,

enjoy the new experiences ahead and not having to be stuck in newman with your new FIFO lifestyle.

I still think you should put a flag on top of the island before your leave!

take care, Kylie

Mar 30, 2010
Rui's Knob
by: Geoff Beus

Hi Rui

All the best with you move. Its not really goodbye its a different phone number and some camp food. Hope it goes well - stay in touch


Geoff B

Mar 30, 2010
Tortured Medium Term Planner
by: Graeme


Thank you for your efforts at OB25. It was great that you made the time to get me up to date at the OB. I hope I wasn't too slow a learner. Your comments and concerns were always insightful and relevant.

MAC will be a great challenge for you and I'm sure we'll be hearing about you in the future.
Good luck and all the best for that fuuture.

I never did get to ride the little red bike!!



Mar 31, 2010
Pit 3 Cheif of Knob Island
by: Blair Robertson


I hope the transition to AC is a smooth one. The HWE meetings will not be the same without you.

I am sure our paths will cross in the future.



Mar 31, 2010
Thanks and Goodluck
by: Rachel

Hi Rui,

We'll always remember you everytime we go to Pit 3 and see that "island" of yours..

Seriously speaking, I thank you for teaching and explaining to me from the basic engineering to checking the monthly claim, prod stats, 3 month plan, etc.. i wont forget your advices..

Thanks for the laughters and I wont forget the tears.. .. Good luck on your new role..


Mar 31, 2010
*** DeWaTeRiNg cHaMpiOn ***
by: Arvin

Hi Rui,

I am not aware that you’re the Inpit Island Master. Is it because of the Rui’s “Island” known as The Knob? For me you, are also the Dewatering Champion.

I wish you all the best. I know you can make more islands there.

Good luck on your new endeavour.

The massive island of Area C is waiting for you.


Apr 01, 2010
Rui's a knob??!?!?!
by: Em

OOOHHH!!!! Now I get it! I just thought they were being rude. Heehee
Enjoy FIFO and goodluck with the step up.

Warm regards, Emma

Apr 02, 2010
Sensei of Pits
by: Nina


Congratulations on your new post! Keep those HWE boys on track and BHPB Geologists :)Enjoy the new challenges!

Good luck

Apr 02, 2010
Goodbye & Goodluck
by: Syd McGovern

Farewell and best wishes Rui. It's been good working with you. (I would have penned this message myself only I am living it up in Hong Kong for the next couple of weeks!) Love, Syd

Apr 05, 2010
Off to the Big MAC
by: Stewart


I've not been at OB25 as long as most but what I have seen and done so far has been an enlightening experience.

I am still not 100% sure on why you ended up having the Knob named after you, although I do think Kylie's idea of putting a flag up there before you leave is worth considering.

I was glad to work with you on site because you were never afraid to hit the hard issues to HWE when they weren't pulling their weight. Some people spend much of their time trying to be liked by everyone and refusing to rock the boat. However it's important that you are up to the challenge of telling people when things are not ok. I'm sure that that will be something you'll need at MAC, though hopefully not too often.

Lastly, I am more than a little jealous that you've managed to escape the Reso Newman-ness for a high flying FIFO site. I hope you enjoy the new lifestyle (as well as all the delights of Perth).

All the best

Apr 05, 2010
by: Vernon

All the best in your new role at Area C.

Apr 05, 2010
All The Best
by: Pete Fisher

Hi Rui

All the best for your future at Area C. Flyfo will give you plenty of opportunities to taste the fine Indian curries of Perth. Enjoy.


Apr 06, 2010
All the best
by: Gary

I hope it all goes well for you Rui.


Apr 08, 2010
All The Best
by: Pete Fisher

All the best Rui. Now you can taste the best of Indian cuisine on a regular basis.


Apr 15, 2010
All the best for you mate
by: Dody

Hi Rui...hope not too late for me to say something for you..
Congratulations with your new role in Area C !..hope you can continue your good performance there...
Really happy I could work with you although sometimes it's really hard to contact you :) Of course I will remember you mate not just only because of "Rui's knob" or "Rui's lobes (lobes 1&2&3 pit 4 ramps)" but because of your kindness during our work.

Anyway..enjoy your new environment there..see you around.All the best for you.....


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