My Daughters

by Mayra A. Rubalcava
(Hemet, ca U.S.A)

The days of your birth, as I gazed into your eyes I saw the most engaging sparkle,looking right back at me...
I remember each one of your smiles and the sound of your cries.
Becoming afraid to fail Mommy made many mistake and so now I must say farewell but never good bye I must go away, I will do my best for it not to be for ever.... May God Bless u both and hope you don't forget that I am Mayra Rubalcava your biological mother, I carry u in the deepest part of heart and soul...
Just remember neither one of you did anything wrong it was Mommy and her fear of moving on special memories I will carry along til the day I die, hoping and praying I one day hear you call me MOM.
The love I have for the two of you could never subside.. Genesis Gonzalez and Heaven Rubalcava my two super special treasures from GOD I will find you again.


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Submitted 5 years ago so perhaps forgotten about

Hi Mayra,
you posted this: the information I have is

"Submitted Fri Mar 10 03:41:16 2017 EST"

which was about 5 years ago. Please let me know if you would like it taken down.

Who posted this
by: Mayra

I am the person who wrote this to my daughters but not online how can I find out who posted this

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