Nokuthula Mogiba

by Malebo Keebine
(South Africa)

We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude-Cynthia Ozick. I've never appreciated ur presence like I do now...I surely will miss u Noks!
Thanks for the warm hand of friendship u have given me!
U have surely left ur footprints! It wont be the same without u!!
Once more, thank u for everything and May the Almighty be with u throughout ur journey!!
Fare thee well my friend!

N.B Do keep my contacts as I'll be a Chief Justice soon! u surely will need me! I promise not to forget u when I'm up the sky!!

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Apr 27, 2011
Thank you for the love and support.
by: Didintle-Dineo Wame Keebine

Mmamane Noki, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love, care, support and a lot more you have given to my mother, Malebo.
It means a lot to me and my family! She is really going to miss you!! Thank you for accepting her as she is. I am also very sad that you are leaving her alone BUT I am celebrating your achievement.
Hope you'll enjoy your new employment. God be with you, mmamane! I love you. We all love you@home!!

Apr 29, 2011
Farewell lovely Noks
by: Eulenda Lebese

it is very sad for me knowing that i wont be seeing you again BUT at the same time i am happy that God is opening doors of wonderful opportunities for you!!! i will miss you dearly Noks and may the Lord always shield you wherever you are!!!! love you girl

Apr 29, 2011
Safe journey
by: Slindo Ndwandwe

Hy girl, wishing u all the best on your new adventure. U will be missed by all of us, its time for you to go and brighten someones else's day like u did ours.

Love u to bitz.

Apr 29, 2011
Good bye a Sad moment
by: Bafundi

Hi Mogigi,Mmakhumalo, Friendoo.

yha let me start by crying...but a cry of joy and celebration for you.Its really sad though that part ways for Romans 8 vs 28.

nothing is new under the son and sometimes I would thing of Ecclesiates when they say “Meaningless! Meaningless!”
says the Teacher.
“Utterly meaningless!
Everything is meaningless.” but I get answered by Romans 8 vs 28.

I must sum it all by saying you are a friend in need, your are a colleague, above all an anointed Child of God through Jesus my Saviour something I believe will never be stolen from you but whatever, whoever and whenever, whether you like it or you dont. Rise and shine girl, all the best wherever you go. see detorenomy 28 vs 1-6.

God is love all the way

Apr 29, 2011
We will miss you girl
by: Todani Nodoba

Hi Thuli girl,

We will miss your warm and charming smile Nokuthula. The Office will never be the same without you. The free spirit and laughter, wow we will greatly miss that. Anyway, stay that way and remember God has a purpose for everything. God Bless you.

Sister Todani

Apr 29, 2011
Mis u already!!
by: Mandla

Sharp!! Thulas mna idont know what to say really. But it's been wonderful wit u around la eOfficini.

Otherwise all de BEST!!

Apr 29, 2011
We will miss u girl...
by: Nozuko Bunyonyo

Stay as you are girl, we gonna miss u Thuli girl please don?t forget us, gonna miss that smile of yours angel . God bless you with beautifully things in your life. Go well baby.

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