Pam Fuller's Farewell Message

by Deleep
(United Kingdom)

So sorry that you're leaving
This place won't be the same
We'll never forget you
Sorry...what's your name?

But seriously (Pam) we'll miss you
That's so very true
Namaskar, Adieu, Goodbye, Auf Wiedersehenm
All the very you

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Fore !
by: David


What can I say ?, its a shame (for us) you're retiring you lucky devil !. Thanks for all the work you have put in, it has been a pleasure.

Hope you manage to achieve everything else you want to, have loads of fantastic holidays and enjoy learning to play golf over the summer :-)

Take Care


by: Andy Wallace

I am really sorry to see you go. I want to thank yo for all the help you have given me since last May when I joined the team.
I hope you have an enjoyable rest before you decide what you are going to do next.

Have a happy retirement.

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