Farewell is now old

by Chitra Arvind Mehta

Golden heart,
Isnt it old?
Teacher we will miss you,
I want to hug you,
An old line for you,
Try somthing new like -
I love you!

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best poem
by: arzoo

I think it is the best poem I have ever read.It is seriously an heart touching poem.....

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Goodbye to my best Teacher

by junaid ali
(agra,Uttar pradesh,India)

Seeing the clock ticking the time
I was too jumbled how to rhyme
A giant thanx that does chime
My sincere gratitude to my teacher too prime

So in my loudest voice I do yell
And on my knees I do fell
To say something true and two
And thats my hearty THANK YOU

The time paced swiftly in 9th and 10th
Cant figure out where it went
May be in the midst of memories
To be cherished till centuries

Being a student of treasure trove
Of knowledge who just drove
An awesome cab of enlightenment
Enriching the passengers with excellence

Avuncular personality like you
Kept me safe and snug all through
Averting me from obstacles
That could have drowned me in failures barrels

Classroom was made a hub
Of learning when the fun didn’t scrub
In such a teaching style too plush
You provided this halfwit sharpness lush

So these years that rolled by
Tends me to think it happened why
But time moves on and I wish in future
I get the bliss of your parallel teacher

As I bid goodbye to you ma’am
I do pray and wish intense
Success’ plethora and enormous fame
Enter and scatter in your life’s frame…

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Good poem
by: Rahul august

Thanks buddy for this poem

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Baboash Ludidi

by Babongile Ludidi
(Eastern cape)

If love was a flower I would pick it up for you and if love was a feeling I would share it with you and I'mm sadly missing you I loved you although you wouldn't have seen that and if words could turn to actions I would perfectly act I love loving you because you were kind, friendly, generous, gorgeous and beautiful, brilliant too wow and it was so nice to meet you thank you my lovingly teacher all the loving from Baboash

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Farewell to my Teacher poem: To Me, You Are...

by Brittany

To me, you're more than a teacher,
To me, you're like the North Star.
You shine then most.
You're always there and you always care.

To me, you're more than a teacher,
To me you're an inspiration.
You taught me to take the good with the bad,
And smile when I'm sad.
Taught me to love what I've got,
And remember what I've had.

I'm grateful for your wisdom,
For the teacher that you are,
You're a very good person,
And as a teacher you're a star.

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oh my cow! that was awesome!
by: Erika Joy

Im lovin it! that was the best poem ive heard in a looong time! one of our teachers from here are leaving so i came to this website and its the best! im glad im here.

by: Anonymous

Love it

by: karabo

ooohw this poems re so touchng they turn bck all the good memories with my lovely teacher who used to motivate and encouraged me on mny thngs

best poem
by: Ayushi

I think this poem is the best i have ever read.it is seriously a heart touching its best....

by: aishwarya

excellent poems i needed it

a very touching poem
by: Anonymous

a superb poem.!!!!!!!!its wat i was searching 4 hours...........expresses all feelings in a very beautiful way........

Sincere thanks
by: Dr.Hajredin Hoxha-Kosovo

Really great poem, words of admiring and appreciation,deep respect to the teacher, to the one who has opened our eyes and hearts to understand the existence of the Almighty God, to believe in His beloved messenger prophet Muhammad and to understand the meaning of this life..many thanks

Good job!!!
by: Anonymous

Great Teacher poem!!! It is really touching and caring poem. I'm so happy that I found this site where I can use these inspiring sentences and great gifts for different events.

too goood
by: neh

i love this poem it's just so good for a farewell card. actually i needed something to write in my teacher's farewell card and i just got it.

by: Anonymous

Brilliant poem!
As a matter of fact my teacher is leaving as well and it touched my heart.
Again, brilliant poem.

by: Anonymous

Your poem made me speechless. Awesome! I feel like crying whenever I read such poems. This poem touched my heart as I myself am a teacher.

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