Rex - A Fond Farewell to an Amazing Person

Rex, There aren’t enough words to say how much your commitment and dedication have meant to us. When you are thought of the following quote feels very relevant: “We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude”-Cynthia Ozick.

We hope through this page you will find that gratitude from all of us who have been so positively impacted by your many, many contributions. As you embark upon your next journey in life we want you to leave knowing how important you are to us. This is a happy as well as sad time for us; we are happy because we know that this decision will bring great joy to your life. We are sad because we are losing a vital colleague, co-worker, teammate, and, above all, an amazing friend. We're going to miss you more than words can say. Your impact on our lives will stay long after you’ve left.

We just want to remind you how special you are, how pleasant it was to work with you, and just how much you will be missed. We also want to highlight special times, thoughts, and memories we share. As life moves forward, we hope to meet again at some crossroad in this continued journey of life; that’s a fancy way of saying please keep in touch!!!

We wish you all the happiness, joy, and peace in your next journey through life. Please be sure to have fun taking on the world - we will look forward to reading all about it in your best seller!

Please read our fondest wishes to you below!

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Jan 22, 2018
by: Anonymous

Hey Rex, we got along pretty well within a short time but I can honestly say that you are a cool person and it's always a pleasure to work with someone as funny as you! Certainly, you can always brighten up people's day! Good luck to your future endeavors and the BST team will be waiting to read your book!

Jan 22, 2018
Thank You
by: Goodson

Hi Rex! I really enjoyed working with you from the beginning. Enjoy your retirement!

Jan 22, 2018
It's not goodbye - it's see you later ;)
by: Sabrina

Rex, thanks for sharing your knowledge and insight when the opportunity was available. You had a "can do" attitude during our BST meetings and that helped move us along. Thanks for your positivity. I wish you nothing but the best.

Jan 23, 2018
A Pleasure to Work With You
by: Gail

Hi Rex,

We hope you enjoy your retirement! It is well deserved. It was always a pleasure to work with you.

Gail Ford and the PEOPLE team.

Jan 24, 2018
You are Inspirational!
by: Carlos A. Lozano

I am always amazed at how hard you work, how focused you are and how you always have a great attitude (and smile).

You will truly be missed my friend and your invaluable knowledge will be difficult to replace.

Thanks for being you and I wish you luck in all your future endeavors.

Jan 24, 2018
Best Wishes
by: Kirk Malnor


Thanks for all your support of the DDEEA over the years. I have enjoyed working with you. I will miss you. I wish you well in your next chapter.


Jan 24, 2018
It goes without saying...
by: Patrick


I just want say that you’ll be missed and I encourage you to continue to let your light shine. Can’t wait to read that novel!

In community,


Jan 24, 2018
Best wishes!
by: Traci Gaydos

Sweet Rex,

It has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you for all of your support, your calm demeanor, your positive attitude, and your outstanding trust-worthiness.

Wishing you a fantastic and fulfilling retirement!

Jan 24, 2018
Thank you, Rex!
by: Angie Rosas

Thank you so much for being an outstanding team member and a wonderful person in general. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with you. I learned so much from you, and so appreciate your loyalty, humor, and thoughtfulness. You were always engaged and willing to participate, asked really great questions and provided excellent feedback. I will truly miss your contributions to the team and the division. I wish you nothing but success, peace, joy, and happiness - and also the opportunity to continue learning and growing - as you enter the next phase of your journey. I look forward to our paths crossing again! Thank you so much for all you have done for us. You will be sorely missed.

Jan 24, 2018
Thank you!
by: Barb

Hi Rex, I'm glad to have met you! Love our chats about our dogs! You now get to spend a lot more time with yours. I appreciate all your "behind-the-scene" work for the DDEEA. Good luck and Have fun with what's next! Barb

Jan 24, 2018
Thanks to Rex!
by: James Yonker

Hi Rex-

I haven’t worked with DDEEA long, but I know how great you are! Hope you enjoy your much-deserved retirement!


Jan 25, 2018
Thank you and Congragulations
by: Nichole

Rex, Thank you for all the hard work you have put in. Congratulations on your retirement, I hope that you and the pup enjoy your new found free time.

Jan 29, 2018
by: Luis

Rex: I write to wish you the very best in the next chapter of your journey. I have enjoyed working with you as the Division has been growing and evolving. Take care!

Jan 30, 2018
A gentleman and a scholar
by: Jeff Brown

Congratulations on your retirement, Rex! I have much enjoyed our time together in the cockpit of Room 109. Thanks for showing me the ropes in DDEEA (and turning me on to Wisconsin Public Radio). As we often discussed (usually through clenched teeth), Bascom Hall is a unique place to work; it will be a little less unique once you no longer work there. Stay in touch, friend.

Jeff Brown

Jan 30, 2018
May you fare well!
by: Steve K.

Congratulations, Rex! Best wishes for all your future adventures!

Jan 30, 2018
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Hi Rex,

It has been a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for all of your help as I transition into my new position as student services coordinator for the Chancellor's and Powers-Knapp Scholarship Programs.

Enjoy your retirement! You will be missed!


Sam Samreth

Jan 30, 2018
You will be missed!
by: Sherri Charleston

Rex, You will truly be missed. You are a fixture in this Division and it's hard to imagine the Division without you. Your warm presence and welcoming way will be missed. Congratulations on achieving this milestone! Please don't be a stranger but enjoy your retirement.

Jan 30, 2018
Good luck on your next adventure
by: Nathaniel Haack

Dear Rex,
Congratulations on your retirement and best wishes for all your future adventures.

Jan 30, 2018
Thank you!
by: Gia Euler-Plath

Thank you, Rex, for all that you have done for DDEA. I wish you luck on your retirement and all of your future endeavors!

Jan 30, 2018
Lasting Impression...
by: Tracy

Rex, I must say that you’ve made a lasting impression on me. Your diligence, responsiveness, and pleasant demeanor has made every day brighter. I wish you the best as you move into a new chapter of life. I’ll miss you. You’re definitely a shining star!

Jan 30, 2018
Best Wishes!
by: Claudia

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with you. Even though your daily demands were great, you always responded to my requests with kindness, patience and a warm greeting.Thank you for the high level of professional service you have given the division.I wish you the best as you begin your next chapter!

Jan 31, 2018
Wishing you the best!
by: Adrianna

Hi Rex,

I appreciated getting to know you and all of the work and fun you contributed to central office and business services team. I wish you the best and will be happy to see you at the next BST retreat!

Jan 31, 2018
Sure will miss you!
by: Mary Carr Lee


You are a delight---so nice, interesting, patient, kind and cool. My impression from everyone who retires that retirement is a GREAT GIG if you can get it! LOL

I am a bit jealous, but super happy for you and wish you everything that is tremendous for your future!!

My best always,

Mary Carr Lee

Jan 31, 2018
I will miss you!
by: Seema

Dear Rex, every time I walk into the main office, I see you completely engrossed in the task in front of you and you turn around and say a wonderfully cheerful hello!
Rex, you have always been so responsive to any small or not so small request.
You use your voice sparingly and when you do use it, you speak your truth and I have always admired that in you.
Rex, I wish you the very best in life as you transition to a new and different phase.

I hope to cross paths with you again soon.
Many hugs and peace,


Feb 02, 2018
You will be missed!
by: Kate O'Connor


You will be greatly missed here in DDEEA and BST! Your upbeat attitude and willingness to help was always welcomed and your ability to handle multiple tasks at once always amazed me. I wish you the very best in retirement and look forward to reading your book!


Feb 02, 2018
by: Raymond

We didn't work together directly but I was lucky enough to be able to have brief conversations. You have always been helpful and gracious. I appreciate what you have done to push the work in the DDEEA forward. I'll miss seeing you and saying hello as we passed each other on Bascom Hill or on State. St.

Be well and enjoy your much deserved retirement!

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