Thank you, Syd

Best wishes, now the fun starts!

Best wishes, now the fun starts!

It's time for you to look back with pride and satisfaction on years well lived and look forward to all the things you're yet to enjoy!

You'll definitely be missed.

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by: Blair


No I will not be low-grading that highgrade in the western cutback of pit 3!

I look forward to the pink and white cones you have left for us on the fines...

What are we going to do for fly-day pies?!

I trust you'll enjoy the dividends from those BHPB shares for many beers and years to come.

I am sure life in Mandurah will be difficult to adjust to on a full-time basis, send us some pictures from civilisation once in a while.

Cheers, Blair

Taking it easy!
by: Michael van Anen


All the best Syd on the next adventure of your life. After all these years working for the company in the Pilbara you deserve all the benefits that retirement can bring. I am sure you will make the most of it. Thanks for all the effort you have put in over the last 2 years in working at Orebody. I know you will be missed.


Best Wishes
by: Joey


Thanks alot for the golfing tips, during our team building day. I'm sure you'll have a lot of time knocking that white ball around.

Here's wishing you all the best for the future.


Best of Luck
by: Gary

Just think Syd no more midnight calls no more Alumina issues all you have to worry about now is what time to wake up and when to go fishing. Enjoy your Retirement and all the best.

Time for a beer!
by: Em

There was an old boy from Yunderup
Who decided it was time to put his feet up
So he tossed his boots in a tree
Turned to his wife with glee
And said 'Pilbara and me ... our times up!'

Enjoy the fishing ... any time you want!
Warm regards

Good Luck
by: Sean

Good luck Syd and all the best for the future

Enjoy : )
by: Conor

Hi Syd,

Enjoy your annual leave.
Drink a cold one for me.


See ya round Syd!
by: Steve

We (including our families)have crossed paths many times over the past 25yrs and I dont see any reason why that shouldn't continue. Hope to catch up with you both sometime in the near future.
It has been a pleasure working with you in your various roles over the years.
Have a great retirement.


" I wish I was a GEO " - Syd
by: Arvin

Hi Syd,

I will never forget your one wish as a scheduler in OB25, to be a GEO. If I have the power I will grant that wish but unfortunately I don’t.

Seriously, thanks for sharing your time with me & Rach, for the short laughs over a cup of red wine in your eco unit, and for a short distance walk around the eco village after having a full bloody dinner at the mess.

Enjoy the longest holiday of your entire career… you deserve it!

See yah Captain Syd,


Take Care
by: Rosie Turley

Good luck and farewell Syd!

Thanks for all your help and support over the last 18 months. I hope you enjoy your travels and long service leave! 23 years at BHP WOW that's longer then I've been alive!

All the best!

I am envious!
by: Kerry

Well Done!
It is not an easy decision bit I bet now you have made it you can't wait. I Keep thinking about a hobby for you as I'm sure there must be one out there with your name written all over it. Some suggestions flower arranging, Tai Chi or rock climbing.
All the best for the future and I'm sure we will meet up again even if it is in the shops at Mandurah.

Best Regards
Kerry Jones

Thanks Syd
by: Harrison Mavhondo

Thanks for support over the few months I have been working with you. I will miss the good guidance and team spirit in you.

Best Wishes
by: Clem

Thanks for your support in my short time here Syd. Hope you enjoy your time away from work!

Captain Syd
by: Rach

Dear Syd,

Hope you like your photo.. I remember you asked me before how to create a photo like that. Like Stewart, I would like to thank you for your patience in teaching me on how to do Scheduling.. I know that you wont miss CSMS and your baby (Mobile Phone).. But I'll definitely miss you, your whinges and your point of views in general everytime we were doing the pit tour.

They said that Retirement is the Longest Coffee Break.. So, enjoy your Coffee Break and keep in touch.


Baby Boomer
by: Nina Wells

Hi Syd,

Its been a pleasure, will miss our generational discussions. Enjoy your long extended holidays! Don't eat too much, drink too much or fish too much... though what too much is I think no one has found out yet. :)

Enjoy! Nina

Syd the Kid!
by: Richard Whittington


Have a great time on your long service leave. You have certainly deserved it! Hope to see you back in action here in the Pilbara on your return but after sitting by the beach, enjoying a few drinks and the amazing views from your house, you might have other ideas!

Take care, keep in touch.
Best Regards,

Fare thee well
by: Tim


Its been a joy working with you over the last year and I hope your future pursuits bring you as much joy as I've seen you take from your scheduling job! You will be missed.


To the Conformance to Plan King
by: Stewart Martin

Well Syd, after a lifetime of working with BHPB (well my lifetime anyway) it looks like you've finally made it through to the end. I'm sure that it's well deserved and you'll enjoy every hour of it.

It's been great working with you. You've been willing to listen to many of our suggestions even if in your wisdom you later decided not to follow them.

All jokes aside, I learned a lot from you whilst doing my Geo work. Your open and honest way of showing me things from your perspective allowed me to learn when I might be concentrating too much on unneccisary detail. It also meant that I was always comfortable talking to you about any issues that I had as I knew you would recieve them in the same way.

I also greatly thank you for teaching me how to do scheduling here on site. It has given me a very valuable insight into how things really run on site as well as an understanding of some of the pressures you can come under.

You've often been a good listener to any concerns or whinges I might have had about the way things are and have always helped me to put things in perspective.

Finally thanks for teaching us that just because it's not in the plan, doesn't mean we can't dig it! One of the most memorable phrases from OB23/25 will always be "But it's not in the plan!"

by: Andrew C

Hey Syd,

Thanks for all your support over the past year or so. Hope you enjoy your time post BHP Billiton. Make sure you spend your time wisely, you know catching plenty of fish and enjoying the waters down south.

Look forward to having a beer with you.


by: Anonymous

Dear Syd,

I won't be here your last day onsite but I hope I didn't leave ur last swing too much of a mess after filling in.

Enjoy relaxing in Perth and residing to your own place each night overlooking the water and watching for dolphins!

All the best, Kylie.

See-ya Syd
by: Woody

Hey Syd

Hope you enjoy your life looking over the water down there instead of looking over red dust.


by: Vernon

All the best with your retirement. Its been a pleasure working with you over the past two years. I'm sure we will keep in touch.

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