Why? This is How I Feel!

by Irene Haupokia-Rerehau-Richards
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Everything happens for a reason,
I understand that.
So why do i wake up every morning,
Feeling like crap.

Why did you have to go away?
Why didn't you stay?
You said you would always be there!
I've just been lead astray.

I miss you so much,
I think you already know.
I have no-one to talk to,
I'm at an all time low.

Frustrations at the world,
Because they don't understand.
The only one who could,
Dad you were the man.

I don't want to be here,
Without you by my side.
You aren't right in front of me,
For me to run and hide.

Everyday I imagine the world,
Without me in it.
It tends to be so clear,
I don't really mean shit.

Being with you dad,
Would mean the world to me.
Sometime soon would be great,
It was so meant to be.

Written By:
Irene Haupokia-Rerehau-Richards

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I'm Just A Mess!

by Irene Haupokia-Rerehau-Richards
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Sometimes I wanna shout out,
Just how I really feel.
There is something on my mind,
And yes, it's a big deal.

You have to understand,
That I still love you.
I didn't mean to hurt you,
How do you feel too?

I think that our lives,
Are heading different ways.
We've been together a while,
I might as well just stay.

I'm so confused right now,
I don't know where to go.
Should I follow my heart or gut,
Don't ask me, I don't know.

I want this to be forever,
I've always let you know.
But somehow I feel it's changed,
A hint on the down low.

I'm going away this weekend,
It'll be nice to chat.
I will always love you,
Please don't forget that!

Written By
Irene Haupokia-Rerehau-Richards

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