The Jewel of the Satellites

Thank you for all your great contributions to the Satellites. We wish you good luck to your new role.


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Feb 27, 2011
The Best name in the World.
by: Nina Boyes

Best wishes to a Classy Lady with a Classy Name! It was a pleasure working with you during my time in P&Q. Goodluck in your new role. Hugs, Nina B.

Feb 27, 2011
Good Luck
by: Woody

Hey Nina,

Good luck down in the big smoke with the traffic and Lucky Shag lunches!

I am sure your knowledge of the stockpiles at Jimblebar will be missed ;)

Will look forward to catch ups to see how its all going down that way.


P.S Don't take the ute to work!!

Feb 27, 2011
You'll be missed
by: Jade Wakelam


You've been great to work with...even for this short time. You're smiling face will be missed around here! Enjoy your new role.


Feb 27, 2011
by: Steve Loach

Good bye and good luck old PQ15 buddy. I shall miss our senior geo meetings in the morning when I would catch up with all the gossip and juice that people would tell you but not me.

Good luck and best wishes for your work on the STGM. I am looking forward to seeing one one day.

Best Regards,
Steve Loach

Feb 28, 2011
Good Luck
by: Graham

All the best Nina,
Has been great working with you even though it hasn't been long look forward to seeing you back up here sometime

Don't forget about us !!!

Feb 28, 2011
Have fun! Come and visit form time to time!
by: Jeremy

Hi Nina,

I'm sure you'll have a blast in Perth, although don't forget to pop back to OB18 now and it keeping in touch with your roots :P

Best of luck in the new job!


Feb 28, 2011
Thanks Nina
by: Ian Pearson


Sad to see the jewel of the satellites leave us.
A pleasure working with you and really admire your passion for geology and your people.
Keep the faith in both those aspects
Get those bloody STGM's done before someone gets shot

All the best


Feb 28, 2011
Farewell (for now...)
by: Scott Barber

Nina, enjoy your new role and know that you will be missed at the Satellites. I'm sure you'll meet your new challenges with the passion and enthousiasm that you show us every day.

I look forward to getting the inside track at the SOBs for the STGMs and to working with you again.

Feb 28, 2011
Best of luck
by: Scott Tonkin


It has been good knowing you and talking to you. You will be missed. I know you have passed on a lot of information to me that I have found extremely helpful.

Hope you enjoy your new role in Perth and enjoy those lattes. I am sure I will see you round at some stage in the future.


Feb 28, 2011
All the best!
by: Kay

Dear Nina,

all the best with your endeavours inside the big BHP business tower, I am sure you will enjoy the city and the time at your own home in the evenings :-). It was great working with you even though it was only for a short period of time.


Mar 01, 2011
Good luck and thank you!
by: Tim

Hey Nina,

Thanks for your help on-boarding me into a great team! Hope all goes well for you in Perth.



Mar 01, 2011
Good luck and thank you!
by: Tim

Hey Nina,

Thanks for your help on-boarding me into a great team! Hope all goes well for you in Perth.



Mar 01, 2011
by: Kerry

Thankyou for being a friendly, helpful person to take on tasks I couldn't handle, listen to my gripes and winges and for keeping the geology team on track. You will be very much missed from site but I wish you well in the future and hope you enjoy being home every night.


Mar 01, 2011
Wishing you all the best!!
by: Alexander Twaddle

Congratulations on your appointment into the big city!!

Thank you very much for all of your support and guidance during my time out at OB23/25, particularly in my initial swings. Thank you for your wise words as a senior and you will be missed from the OB23/25 site.

All the best,

Mar 02, 2011
Missed opportunity - Mining Engineer
by: Geoff B

I don't know Nina, a bit more time and I might have been able to upgrade you to a mining engineer - there is some potential there. All the best with your new role down in Perth and I know all of us in the P&Q team and the satellites will miss you, however geology as a whole will benefit.

Geoff B

Mar 02, 2011
All The Best
by: Pete Fisher

It's been great working with you. You have a nice, friendly personality. I'm sure you will do well in Perth.

Mar 02, 2011
Have a blast
by: Gilbert

Hey Nina,
hope you enjoy your new corporate view of the Terrace. Has been great working with you and wish you all the best in your new role.


Mar 02, 2011
Jewel of Satellites to a City Chic
by: Rach

Hi Nina,

From orange long sleeves top to skirts and dresses..
From a dusty face to make-ups..
From fly-friendly sites to a busy building..

I know you'll still miss the Satellites, feel free to visit us here.. You'll certainly be missed. And keep in touch!


Mar 02, 2011
Good bye and good luck
by: Stewart


Thank you for the opportunity to get out of REG and out to the SOBs. It is very safe to say that having seen the light (in Mine Geology @ SOBs), I don't see me going back any time soon.

I also thank you for being understanding about my interest in scheduling and supporting me in this move, even though it meant you were losing a member of the Geo team.

Finally, thank you for being just generally brilliant. I know that your team will miss you dearly but will be equally happy that you finally got that ever so elusive Perth job.

Good Luck

Mar 04, 2011
by: Cassie Turvey

Nina!! I'm most upset you are leaving... the girl power is definately dwindling! I hope you really enjoy your new position in Perth, you've worked hard and are very deserving of an exciting new change :-) Hopefully I see my fellow Roleystonian out and about :-)
Best wishes
Cass xoxox

Mar 06, 2011
Good luck
by: Dianne

Hi Nina,

We have only just meet but good luck with the move to Perth and the new adventure with the short term modelling group. Thanks for your help so far, I'm sure we will stay in touch.

Cheers, dianne

Mar 07, 2011
Thankyou heaps.
by: Fi Wallace

Thanks for everything over the past few months. It's been great working with you - Short but sweet! I'm sure you will kick ass in Perth!

Mar 07, 2011
Wonder Geo!
by: Arvin

For me you're the wonder woman of satellites
Because you're always there to rescue.

Thanks Nina for being such a supportive Senior and for teaching us to be independent by giving us the chance to decide for the site.

I wish you good luck in your new role!


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