The Pillar of Pillara

by The Pillarasaurians
(Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia)

Tough work day in the Kimberley

Tough work day in the Kimberley

Dear Alex,

Right from the early days of this project, you have been the pillar of the Pillarasaurian Community. From removing all the spider webs in the engineering office to developing the mine concept and building the engineering team, you have certainly left a enormous footprint on this operation. Your experience will be greatly missed.

Too bad that all we will remember about your work is that 90cm Barramundi.

But we won't forget the influence that you had on our life as a friend :-). Lunchtime and dinner discussions will certainly never be the same without your spicy humour and your unique weekend stories.

We will miss you mate and we wish you the best of luck in the Canadian Ice Fields.

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May 28, 2008
Good Bye and Good Luck
by: Marie Tatters

Hi Alex
It has been a pleasure meeting you and working with you here at Pillara.
You will be missed but especially your wonderful "French Accent" that was just so wonderful to listen to. - Polly and I said many times that it made us "weak at the knees"...LOL
Good luck in your new venture and I know you are looking forward to being back in Canada and I hope it all goes well for you.
I am sorry I will not be here on the 4th to say goodbye as I leave the field today, but be assured whenever I hear a french accent I will remember you.

May 28, 2008
by: Robyn Holder

How do you say Goodday Mate in French?

I sure hope you had an enjoyable experience in Australia. You survived no snake, shark, or spider bites, but the soft sand left you stranded for a while. So, not all the experiences were enjoyable, ha! At least you have some good stories to tell your daughter.

It was great working with and getting to know you. I wish you the best back in the Great White North. Keep in touch!!


May 29, 2008
See ya Mate,
by: Kath Bamforth

Dear Alex,

It has been great fun working with you and it is sad to see you go.
Thank you for the opportunities you have given me at Pillara, I am grateful for all that you have done for me.
I wish you and Julie all the best in the future, I'm sure adventure will fill your life where ever you may roam.

Wishing you lots of laughs and joy.

Kath :)

May 29, 2008
by: bek

Hey I want my goldfish back, you said you were only going to hold it for a second!!

It has been a pleasure listening to your accent and pretending to understand hahahahha...

I agree with all the nice things that are being written here, and I hope you and Julie-anne get rich and famous with your business ideas and artistic talents.

And as long as you stick to your empire on the other side of the world, I'll stick to mine.

au revoir, bon appetit, et je vous souhaite bons temps manger, rier et peter!
bek :D

May 30, 2008
goodbye again
by: Mike C

Hey Alex, after the last time you were off and I wished you well I didn't expect the next time to be so soon or on the other side of the world!!

Hopefully you haven't fully aclimatized to the Aussie heat yet, otherwise all that snow and the minus C's will come as a shock to your system. I do note though you've managed to time your move so that it's almost summer there...

I know you'll be looking forward to some new challenges, and I'm sure you'll do great things going forward. All the best!

It was good to work with you again, mate.

Jun 02, 2008
Au Revoir
by: Dan !!!

Mon Cher Alex,
Le temps passe trop vite. Me semble que c'etait seulement hier qu'on a debute les travaux sur le projet et deja on planifie sa fermeture. Ton depart represente pour moi un peu le debut de la fin mais aussi un nouveau defit pour toi. Je te souhaite la tres bonne chance. Tu t'enligne sur un projet que je connais tres bien dans le grand nord du Quebec. Tu ne pourtant pas tevader completement de moi car il y a un petit chemin a Raglan qui porte mon nom... alors chaque fois que tu le vois.. tu pensera a moi (a nous) ici dans le pais des plages et la chaleur.


Jun 03, 2008
More Aussie than alot of Aussies!
by: Phil

All the best for the future Alex.

It's been an absolute pleasure to work with you here at Pillara.

Your fishing photos and travels in the Kimberley have put my efforts to shame.

Bon Voyage,

Jun 03, 2008
See ya
by: Simon Bruce


your contribution to the operation will only be fully appreciated once you leave.

Best of luck for the future

Bon Voyage

PS there is a name we use for fish like yours.


Jun 03, 2008
by: Arvin & Rachel

i was watching Top Gun, then arvin started to tease me that my crush is tom cruise.. then, i told him, "no. alex is cuter than tom cruise." then, we both laugh.. alex, stop smiling now.. you are blushing already.. -rachel

we really would like to thank you for everything.. from processing our training in surpac to giving rachel the opportunity to grow and learn in her field of work. -arvin

its a very short time to work with you but what matter is the chance of meeting someone like you.. MARAMING SALAMAT (thanks a lot).. INGAT LAGI (always take care).. - arvin and rachel

Jun 03, 2008
Safe Travels.
by: Tom Parrott

Hi Alex,

wow i cant believe you are moving back already, the time has really flown. It doesnt seem that long ago since Karen and I were giving that Australia presentation in your basement in Beresford!!!

Australia seems to have had a profound affect on you (and you on it), as did Canada on me. The people you meet and the experiences you share enhance that greatly.

Good luck back home to you and Julie.

And make sure you inform Atlantic Superstore you are back in town so they can keep ample stock of Franks Hot Sauce!!



Jun 04, 2008
by: Tony Vocale

It's been an absolute pleasure to have spent time working with you at Pillara.

I hope your future is as rewarding as Pillara has no doubt been for you.

The website won't be the same without you.

All the best


Jun 04, 2008
Bonne Chance!
by: Richard

It has been a pleasure working with you over the past few months. I am definitely going to miss your sense of humor. It sounds like your new role will be an excellent opportunity. Stay in touch and all the best!

Jun 04, 2008
Bye Bye Boss
by: Phil D

It has been a real pleasure working with Alex. We really formed a "Dream Team", just like the "French Connection". :-)

You will remain the un-defeated fly swater champion. Come on, admit it, I know you will miss them with their frantic need to suck every bit of moisture out of your nose, ears, eyes and many more places.... :-)

I wish we would have had the chance to spend more time together outside Pillara. Keep in touch and please keep living and enjoying life to the fullest.

Bon retour au pays mon ami et salue bien la gang de Bathurst de notre part.

Hasta luego amigo,


Jun 04, 2008
The Thong King
by: Patti

Hey Alex,

I am sad to see you go, yet happy that you and Julie-Anne are embarking on an exciting, new journey in your lives.

Seems like yesterday you came back to Bathurst from Oz for the first time, and were showing pictures of King's Park to Phil and got us hooked! Thanks for the opportunity Alex!

You have become the true Aussie: you live in thongs and shorts, drive on the beach in a white landcruiser, get stuck in marshes on a Sunday, catch Barra when they are running, work in the Kimberley, have multiples pairs of sunnies, are tanned all year 'round, have become a loyal windsurfing-Broomite, and now you've invented your own specialized beverage....TEAFEE???

I wish you lots of love and laughter in your travels! Remember, happiness is a state of being, not searching for the ever-elusive "something more".

Love, Patti xoxoxoxo hugs to Julie too!!

Jun 04, 2008
by: Michael Omant


It's been a pleasure workig woth you and you'll be sorely missed.

All the people before me have taken all the comments so I'll just second them. Yes it is a big fish. It's warmer here than in Quebec. You may have noticed that before. As for Rachel's comment, you're definately cuter than Tom Cruise. Blushing? And I should say something meaningful in French like... baguette!

Good luck and all the best


Jun 04, 2008
by: Free

Well, well, well what should i say... aammmm good luck with your accent in your next job....oooops i mean good luck with everything in your next job hehehe.

The girls and I really enjoyed having someone along the lines of to Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt to look at here at Pillara hah….It was a pleasure working with you mate you’ll be missed. Best wishes to you and Julie….

Bye Bye

Jun 04, 2008
Au revoir et meilleurs voeux
by: Marcus


All the best to Julie-ann and yourself. You will be missed as much as I know you will miss the Broome lifestyle. Keep in touch, i hope to cross paths again in the near future

All the best
Marcus, Bianca and Phoebe

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