Thoughts, memories, and wishes for Diane Guida's Retirement

by Betsy Kirkbride
(Audubon School District)

Please take time to express your thoughts, stories or wishes for Diane Guida's retirement.

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Miss you
by: Thea

I know I wrote this a little late but I could never find the correct words. Not having you here this year has been very hard. You have been a true inspiration to me over the years. Not only as your student but also your friend and co-worker. You were my mentor when I first started teaching and I hoped to be just like you one day. I learned so much from you in the classroom and on the softball field. It was a pleasure to coach under you for many years. I take many of your life lessons with me when I step onto the field and coach. I know this is not goodbye because we will still see each other but it is really different. I wish you much happiness and thank you for being you!

I'll Miss You!
by: Kay

You have been right beside me for the
last 37 years and it will so difficult not
having you there for support, laughs, and
the daily interaction that we shared.
You are a great teacher and wonderful
friend. We will always have that special
bond and memories that will last forever.
You have been such a rock to our department,
always coming up with great ideas and standing
behind all that you believe in.
Words cannot express how much you mean to me
and how much you are going to be missed.
May your upcoming years be all that you are
looking forward to.

Love, Ksy

Best Wishes
by: Linda Springle

Retirement is an amazing time in one's life. May you now have the time to indulge in interesting and satisfying activities (volleyabll maybe!)that will allow you to spend your days happy.

All the best,
Linda Springle

We will miss you
by: Andi

Di - I can not imagine the hallways without your reassuring smile - you were always a professional - taking pride in your work - I will miss seeing you in the hallways - you were always happy to come to work and really enjoyed working with the kids - you are a role model for the rest of us - although you will be missed - enjoy your time and do fun and interesting things - love you - Andi

by: Nicole Szymanski

I haven't been at AHS long but it has been so great working with you and getting to know you. I wish you a happy healthy retirement full of lots of exciting new adventures. And when you get full of all the excitement, come back for a visit and tell us all about it! :)

"I have something"
by: Scott LaPayover

Congratulations on your retirement. I am happy (for you), sad (for AHS), and jealous (that it's not me).

I will always respect your professional approach to what ever you did, whether it was teaching or coaching. You are one class act!

Although I will not longer be your colleague and department member, I will always be your friend.

by: Denise McGettigan

I will forever admire you for your professionalism, your passion, and your calm, friendly demeanor. You had an important role in molding me into the person I am today when you took me in as a freshman on the Varsity softball team. As a player, I’ll never forget Carmen’s hoagies for a homerun, the annual Easter Egg decorating contest, “flash” on 3rd base, and for the first time, being called “Getts.” I also remember when you took batting practice one day, and out of 10 pitches, you put about 4 of them over the fence. As a coach, I have tried my best to model after your coaching style- always look “sharp”, be respectful, demand the best, and repetition leads to success. You think you’ll only affect the girls you coach but here I am, one of those girls, now passing down everything I learned from you onto another generation. Thank you for your advice over the past few years and enjoy your retirement! You deserve it!

by: Duane

I can't believe I was here for your first years (softball groupie) and you well-earned retirement year (colleague). It has been a pleasure knowing you and working along side of you all these years. I have always had a tremendous respect for you as a coach, teacher, and person.

Enjoy your well-deserved leisure!!!!!!

Congrats and good luck
by: Rob Buchs

I'm not sure what I could add that hasn't already been said. So I will simply wish you all the best! Enjoy your retirement!

by: Sue Andrew

It has been a privilege and an honor to call you a colleague and friend. You sooo deserve a relaxing retirement, however there are a few things you need to think about with all that free time:
* home security (my house 1st)
* landscaping (my house 1st)
* services for the elderly (my house 1st)

Please know that I will b'dazzle whatever you need to keep your future customers happy. One more thing... can Diedre come out and play?


by: Kathy Jakubowski

To one of the Jakes' favorite teachers. . .we wish you all the best in your retirement! May you have many happy, relaxing and fun times ahead. . .all are definitely deserved! We thank you for your many years of dedication to AHS and its students!

Love. . .Kathy, Dave, Brian, Julie & Sean Jakubowski

You go girl.
by: Gail Gainer

I will never forget the times we stayed out until dawn and came in and still worked. Oh the young ones who can't keep up. Those were the days. I have enjoyed working with you these past 37 years. Please, stay in touch. Let's keep getting the dogs together. This will help us stay in touch. Maine is also an option for you. Lucy is also welcome. Our 3 dogs will thoroughly enjoy your girl.
Love ya.

by: Dawn

I am so happy for you! I am sure you will be missed very, very much, by Audubon and by all your friends there, especially Betsy. You and Lucy can stroll by her window and point and laugh.
Maybe you can try some yoga now.
Love and Namaste,

I'm Jealous!
by: Betsy Scully

Diane, Seriously I am so excited for you! AHS will not feel the same without you. It has been wonderful working with you. When I think of you I think of "class act" It is how you always handled yourself and what you taught your students (and athletes - I was glad Alicia had the opportunity to be coached by you. Good luck and make sure you stop by often! Betsy

Thank you!
by: Cluner

"A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.” You have been an inspiration to many of us here at Audubon High School. Thank you for lighting the way... and stay lit as much as possible!

Good Luck & Enjoy Life!
by: Debbie Horan

Diane, I wish you all the best and will always remember you as a friend, teacher and coach. You always have a smile on your face and it was a pleasure working with you. I also wanted to thank you for hiring Rich as your assistant coach, it was always his dream to be a coach for Audubon and you both complimented each other. I will always remember those earlier years having my son sit and watch your practices and games. Time really flies by so make sure you enjoy each day of your retirement, Have Fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Trails!
by: John Skrabonja

You have been solid as a rock and as consistent as the tides. When people meet Diane Guida, they know exactly what they are going to get each day, every encounter. They are going to get a woman, a teacher, who is the consummate professional, who is demanding but realistic, who is passionate about what she does but always does it in a controlled manner. They are going to get a woman who always has the ability to put and keep things in perspective. Diane, it goes without saying that it has been a pleasure not just working with you but knowing you. Your influence, your impact, will be felt for a long. long time. I wish you an exceptional retirement! Congrats!

by: Frank Corley

It has been a true pleasure to work with you the past seven years. You are a true professional who embodies the true sense of "Pride and Excellence." You have always been a positive role model to our students and staff in addition to being someone that everyone can truly respect. I thank you for all your help, laughter, and fond memories.

The very best of luck, health and happiness in you deserve it.

Baseball Memories
by: Brian Kulak

You brought me up to play one game my freshman year because the idiot seniors cut practice the day before a game against West Deptford that we had to win to win the conference. I played right field, caught one fly ball, and grounded into a fielder's choice.

That night, instead of getting changed after the game, I walked to the little league fields to watch my brother's game--still wearing my uniform. I was so proud and I wanted everyone to know I was a Audubon VARSITY player, even though I was a pipsqueak, 14 year old.

Now, 20 years later, I still patrol the outfield, but in a different way; I still hit ground balls, but it a different way; and I'm still an Audubon Varsity baseball player, but in a different way, because you brought me up that day.

Congrats, Diane!

Doggie DNA
by: G. Metzger

Congrats on making thru and still young enough to enjoy Lucy. I made it thru my first career and I know what it feels like to leave after so long. I wish you well and hope to see you out there with the " sista dogs."


We're outta here!
by: Sue McK

Diane--I believe we came in together (although you're so much older than I (LOL)). Let's have some fun while the sun's still shining. I will always remember you for your wonderful smile and your eternal professionalism. I can remember a time when we agreed to disagree, and still greeted each other warmly the next day. You've earned some R and R, so enjoy! Just remember--we're meeting in a donut shop on the first morning of March testing next year.

Sue McK

We may talk all night........but YOU Snore!!!
by: Janie Adair

Congratulations on your retirement!!! I'll miss you on the Florida trips. You won't have to yell at us for talking all night "DAD!!!" Thanks for being part of the family. Sit down & Relax....but not for too long, there's a whole new path waiting to be explored!! Have fun & enjoy the ride! Happy Graduation!!
<3 Janie

by: Don Borden

I can truly say that you have been an amazing representative of our profession, school and district over the 32 years I have had the privilege of working with you. A highlight for me will always be your being the first female coach of a varsity high school baseball team. Like everything else you've done during your career, you never let that be about you...the focus was always on your student/athletes. I hope you head into retirement with a full realization of all you have done for our students. You will be missed! With that said, I hope you enjoy your well-earned years in retirement.

Party Time!
by: Chris Wilson

Dear Diane
In my short 4½ years with the district it has been a pleasure and honor working with you and knowing you. After only 6 months I experienced my first of your “end of year staff parties” and I have never looked at teachers the same since. I am sure wherever your retirement road takes you, fun and adventure are waiting. Good Luck.

by: Lesley Rybacki

Enjoy all your free time. Have fun!

So you are finally graduating!
by: Betsy

I hope you enjoy reading the postings.

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