Tom Schemm - Congratulations on your RETIREMENT


What a great PM! We wish you the best in your next career of leisure and retirement.

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Late to the party
by: JackieO

Sorry it has taken me so long to send you my good wishes, but I've been leading the life of a busy retiree for nearly a month now!

I obviously don't have a wealth of inspired wisdom for you yet on how to lead the retired life, but let me just share that since we've been on this retirement-celebration road trip, I frequently find myself smiling at the realization I will not have to go back to work when I get home!

It was fun working with you on all our projects, and I'll be eternally grateful to you for your organized photo library. It was always at your fingertips when I desperately needed an image.

I wish you all the best. Stay in touch!!

Jackie Olson

parking spot
by: Anonymous

Greg. Please be careful when you leave tonight. Hopefully, you will not have to crawl in the passenger door of your vehicle.

Update to Doug's Update to Greg's Update
by: Greg M

Tom -

I parked in your parking spot today, just wanted to see how it felt, have to admit its a pretty nice spot, no wonder you were always happy in the morning.

P.S. Nick is still lonely.. Please call him....


Update to Doug's Update
by: Anonymous

Tom. It is now 4:19pm on Tuesday and the parking lot is pretty empty. People seem to leave earlier in the day since you have left.

Update to Greg's Update
by: Doug O.

Some things are still the same:

- Coffee is still empty every time I go for a cup. Evidently it is true that you were not the one that was making a fresh pot.
- Water jug is still empty. Evidently it is true that you never put a new one on the cooler.
- Air quality on the second floor has improved dramatically this week. Enough said.

Other request:

- Could you please drop off more business cards? Greg, Nick and I have already used all the ones you hid all over our cubes. I hope it is ok that we wrote your personal cell phone number on them before we handed them out. You should be ok though, we told them not to call during Gunsmoke or Leave it to Beaver.

Quick update.
by: Greg Mashlan

So its the Tuesday after your retirement. Couple things have happened already.

- Doug already took your parking spot, his car probably leaks oil too, sorry buddy...
- And the Donut Zar you put in charge, I think he's already missed someone, I have no idea what you were thinking when you picked Joe.
- Lastly, Nick doesn't know what to do with himself between the hours of 7:00am and 8:00am, could you just maybe give him a call or something in the morning, I think it would really get him on the right track the rest of the day.

Hope your doing well, that's all for now.

And you're off.......
by: Kelly W

Tom, it has been a good time working with you -- remember back at 1302 S Broadway when our cubes backed up to each other. You have always been such a caring person --- thank you for the support you have given me. I wish you the best in your retirement, keep smiling, and "toodles" until we meet again:)

Best Wishes
by: Trisha Smith

I have enjoyed the many years working with you - from Cranberry-Conover-Plains to Cardinal-Hickory Creek. Enjoy retirement and more time with your family.

by: Val Lehner

Congratulations on your retirement Tom! It was great working with you! Enjoy your new life of leisure!

Congrats Tom!
by: Jason Lyons

Congrats Tom! I've appreciated working with you and learning from you over the years. I learned so much from you on our North Lake to Barnum project. That project is still one of my favorites!

Enjoy your retirement!


Congratulations on your retirement
by: Tom Malanowski

Tom - it has been a pleasure working with you. Now off to a well deserved and fulfilling retirement. Congrats.

Mentor and Friend
by: Dusty

Tom -

Congratulations on your retirement! You are a true mentor and friend. You always had time to answer questions no matter how busy you were. Thanks for always being there. You will truly be missed!

Now on to your next chapter and to enjoy those grandkids!

Congrats Tom
by: Jim P

Congrats Tom on making it to this awesome phase in your life. In my professional career, I have never worked with anyone that has been as willing to help as you are. Thank you for always being available when a fellow PM needed guidance, or reassurance when it came to a project. You will truly be missed around here. Best of luck moving forward and keep in touch.

by: Derek

Congrats Tom!!! It's been a pleasure working with you all these years. Wish you the best in retirement!


Enjoy Retirement!
by: Jon Radloff

Tom, it's been a pleasure working with you! I simply wish you the best in retirement...ENJOY!

Good times!
by: Jim Andreini

Congrats Tom! Thanks for the five years of mentoring your neighbor and some good laughs too ... it was well worth the cost of the daily GS cookies:) Enjoy your time with family and your new adventures:)

by: Crystal Koles

Congrats on your retirement! It's well deserved. I have enjoyed working with you.

by: Amy Lee

Congratulations, Tom! It's been a pleasure working with you and I wish you the best in the next chapter of your life. Enjoy the journey!

by: Ben Stuart

It was a pleasure working with you and sharing some laughs along the way. Best wishes on your upcoming new chapter in life. Relax and enjoy your well-deserved retirement, you earned it!

Congratulations Tom!!!
by: Harold

You know, with your attitude and sense of humor you could have been a Yooper. But we all have to accept our lot in life so you'll just have to be satisfied with being a great guy, an excellent PM and s good friend. Enjoy the next chapter of your life and look me up if you ever get north of the border. Take care.

See ya down the road
by: Cole Vosters

Ever since I moved up to the De Pere office, you've been a true friend and mentor. I always looked up to the way you conducted yourself and will certainly miss all your helpful advice and guidance, both professionally and personally. Congrats on your retirement and enjoy the extra time you get to spend with your wife, kids, and grandkids! Don't be a stranger, I still owe you a lunch or two.

Congratulations Tom!
by: John Aaholm

Tom, best wishes for a healthy, relaxing, and fulfilling retirement. You will be missed here!

by: Daniel Horton


Congratulations! I wish you all the best and time to spent with your loved ones.

by: John Gould

Congrats on your retirement, Tom! It was enjoyable working with you over my 12 years here. Best wishes and keep in touch!

The pleasure was all mine....
by: Patty Sherman

Tom, I have enjoyed getting to know you and work with you on projects. You perfectly balance professional with friendship! I am so happy you are able to take this next step and enjoy your time with family and grandkids! Godspeed!

Congratulations Tom!
by: Shanna Mitchell

Tom, congratulations on your retirement. I hope your days ahead are filled with cheer, laughter, and great memories in the making. Enjoy!

by: Alex Metz

Congratulations and enjoy!

Appreciation and Congratulations
by: David Sipple

Congratulations on you retirement Tom! My wish for you is that you spend more time doing things that matter the most to you and with those who matter the most to you. I will miss your excellence, humor, sarcasm, and enforcement of the donut specification (not necessarily in that order:) ) Walk away proud of what you have done in working career. Happy to meet you for a Persian any time...........or have you deliver some to the office!

Best Wishes, Tom!
by: Aaron Hartman

Congratulations on your retirement! I enjoyed working with you and your positive attitude. Best of luck on wherever the road takes you!!

Best wishes and Thank you!
by: Marcia Louden

I wish you all the best in your retirement, Tom. You've always been a excellent teammate and motivator for everyone, doing all you can to help and offering your knowledge, experience and support whenever needed. Your positive spirit and pleasant presence will be missed. Enjoy!

Congrats Tom!
by: Val Ranguette

I really enjoyed working with you and getting to know you. Your cheery attitude was always appreciated. Enjoy your time with the grandkids!

Tom's retirement
by: Beth McBride

I will miss your optimism, enthusiasm and willingness to answer my questions no matter how stupid. You always seem to excel at whatever you tackle and I'm certain you'll be successful at retirement as well.
Beth McBride

Best wishes to you Tom!
by: Kathy Erdmann

Tom— Have fun writing the next chapter in your book of life. The past 14+ years sailed by and it’s been FUN!
Enjoy those grand babies!

by: Todd Maersch


Congratulations on your retirement! Enjoy the good've earned it. Wishing you the best.

Todd Maersch

So Long, Farewell
by: Matt Beyer


My birthday is February 1st, and I really couldn't think of a better gift for you to give!

Just kidding of course. It has been a pleasure knowing you these past years, please look me up if you ever get a chance when you the Madison area.

by: Heather Andrew

Tom - Congrats on your retirement! It has been a pleasure getting to know you through the years. I wish you a happy and healthy retirement!
Go Pioneers!

Best Wishes!!!
by: Michelle Stokes


It's been great working with you through the years! Your smiling face and positive attitude in the office will be sorely missed. That said, you have earned every bit of your retirement and I wish you nothing but the best!!!

Congrats on your retirement Tom!
by: Greg Mashlan


Wow, it’s been a long time, you were here when I arrived here in 2005.. It's really been a pleasure working with you, from the friendly banter, to the after work outings, to you letting me know who made the coffee every morning. Thanks for all those memories...

I wish you the best as you ride off into the sunset, its well-earned, go have some fun!

Take Care!

Congratulatios Tom!
by: Bryan Beske

It was a pleasure working with you! You always brought a calm and steady presence into the project. I also appreciated the feedback and publicity to other PM's on the current injection effort. Thanks again!

Enjoy a much deserved retirement!

by: Lori Hornbeck

Congratulations Tom!
It was great working with you!
Enjoy a much deserved retirement!
Lori Hornbeck

Golfing and Coffee
by: Logan Brecklin

Hey Tom,

Was great working with you over the last few years. You made ATC a very enjoyable place to be. Not sure who will hound on people to bring in donuts or refill coffee pots. I'll also miss not having someone brag about an awesome golfing game or all the perks they enjoyed as a Major Project Manager. Your social awareness and popularity will be missed.

But in all reality, really going to miss you, Tom! Best wishes in all of retirement and hope to see you often with fantasy football and other ATC-related shenanigans.

by: Patty Gobin

You're definitely too young to be retiring! We should be able to get at least another 10 years out of you. LOL. Just kidding. It really has been a pleasure to work with you Tom. I wish you and your family a healthy, happy retirement adventure. What a great asset you have been to Team ATC. We will miss you but wish you only the best! Cheers to you!

by: Jeff Cloninger

Congratulations Tom! Take care of yourself and make the most a well earned retirement. Your calm keen insight and conversation will be missed at ATC.

Congratulations, Tom!
by: Teresa Kochaver

You will be missed!! It was a great working with you--you are an awesome PM! Best wishes in this next exciting phase of life--the best is yet to be!!! Enjoy every minute.

Congrats Tom!!!
by: Jayne Vanderlin

Tom, congratulations on a well-deserved retirement! So happy for you! Have lots of fun and enjoy those beautiful grandchildren:)

by: Jacob Valentine


Enjoy the retirement. Thanks for being a great PM and helping out learning from you. Enjoyed our short time. All the best.

Happy Retirement!
by: Adam Brecklin

Congrats on your retirement Tom! Now you can spend even more time giving my old man a hard time about skipping out on the happy hour bill. Best wishes on your future adventures!

by: Rob Schuh

Hey Tom, congrats on a well deserved retirement. It has been great working with you over the years. Enjoy the next chapter of your life and keep in touch with all of your future adventures.

by: Nancy White

I've enjoyed our talks at MFO and wish you the very best as you begin this new, exciting phase!
Nancy White



by: Nathan C

Enjoy your retirement. It has been a pleasure working with you.

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