You will be missed, Denise Anderson!

by Joice Carter



Wishing you well in MO. Please stay in touch and with all the tech it's now easier. Take good care of yourself and enjoy putting your personal touches to your home.
Enjoy your family and each day the Lord gives you.
You will be missed, God Bless You and Your Family.

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thinking of you
by: Edi Mendoza

Just passed your old office here in the CBO and got sad. Wanted you to know that we still miss you here and think of you often. I hope things are going well for you up in MO.

Much Love,

Hasta luego
by: Elizabeth


Sorry I was not here on your last day to see you off. It was a pleasure working with you for the short time I have been at MCNT. I learned a lot from you. Have a relaxing and less stressful life at your retirement home. I look forward to seeing you when you come back to visit.

Elizabeth Lawrence

You are a light!!
by: Tarra


You bring joy to every room you enter. Your sweet disposition and vulnerable openess are what immediately draws people to you. I cannot think of you and not smile. You are a bright shining star that God placed in my life for far too brief a time. But, I know I am blessed for thr having the privilege of knowing you.

I will miss our late night talks at the office. But, my prayers and best wishes are with you always. Please keep in touch. My home email is tarraspainhour@gmail. com (real orginal huh)


This is not Goodbye
by: M

Well I'm just not going to say goodbye! Grace already has it covered about future events - you know only too well that it usually is an event when we all get together. I will miss working with you on a day-to-day schedule but know that I have gained an incredible friend for life!

You will be missed not only by MCNT but also the patients that you have made a difference in improving their quality of life.

Always, M

You will be missed!
by: Frances


Your dedication to the patients and in building the program have been a wonderful contribution to MCNT and Great Outcomes. My staff really admires you! You are always willing to go the extra mile!

Have a great life and enjoy your time with your family!


I'll miss you
by: Deanna

Take care and best wishes Denise=) I enjoyed my short time working with you, your wit, your smile, your hugs, your love & prayers. I will miss you more than you know & cannot wait to see you again.


Fare well, until we meet again
by: Paula

Like Grace, this is not good-bye, I"m only checking in to see when you'll be back our way to visit and catch up.

Thanks again for all you contributed to our AP Committee meetings. I'll never forget when Pamela volunteered to let you put that insulin pump on her abdomen! And the dessert you fixed us- yum. And Grace peeling all those apples- priceless! We've had such good times. You'll do great wherever you end up because you take with you what makes you so special- a caring, loving heart.

I'll miss you but look forward to when I see you again.

Your friend,always,


We Will Miss You!
by: Brandi Claustre

I am sad to see you go, but I wish you nothing but the best for the future! Take care and keep in touch!


Wish you good luck!
by: Anonymous

Hi Denise,
It is very sad to see you go but hope that it would lead you into a better path and enjoy your life. I wish you good luck for future. It has been a pleasure working you and we really enjoyed your presence when you were here. We all will miss you a lot! Please do call us when you are here.
Prasanthi Tondapu

Best Wishes
by: Dr Lester

I really enjoyed working with you Denise. You will be missed! Good luck and best wishes!

by: Cherry

I'll miss you!!!!

that's it.. nothing else to say.

Good bye
by: Rodney

God bless you richly! You will be missed!

Farewell and good luck
by: Michael Burton

Denise, I've enjoyed working with you. Good luck in your next endeavors.

Whe will you visit??
by: Grace

I've decided not to say good bye, only see you soon! So I'll keep asking when you will be back to visit and I'll be there on your doorstep for a summer break!

by: Catherine Puente

Even though your visits to Ben Hogan came to be few and far in between....I loved the times you were here. I will miss talking and visiting, mostly laughing with you. You're always so upbeat, positive amd smiling, thats what I enjoy the most about you. I understand I'm to let you know if I'm ever in your neck of the woods...I think that would make a wonderful girls' get away. Please email and keep in touch.
Wishing you all the best as you make your way home.

Be blessed!
by: Carol

I am so glad I got to know you. I know you will enjoy being home and not having all the travel.

crazy nurse @ Ben Hogan
by: Linda Roundtree

Boo, Hoo Hoo I will miss your smiling face and extraordinary sense of humor I loved working with you and wish you all the best wherever you go You are a joy to work with and will have success no matter what

Thanks for all you have done
by: KAD

Boy, you are really going to miss the drive, hotel living, and NextGen upgrades! lol -I really hope this new adventure you are about to imbark on brings you happiness, healthiness and prosperity! I hate that you are leaving us, but I understand. Please keep in touch. Enjoy that Missouri life. Remember - we are all just a click away. It's all goooooooood!
Take care of you,
(Miss ya already) Karen DeLozier (Memaw to some)

You Will Be Missed
by: Shelia Raines


Although I don't see you everyday, I will still miss seeing you on the days you usually come to the CBO. It has been a pleasure working with you!

I wish you all the luck in whatever you do.

We will miss you
by: Lister

Denise, It has been such a pleasure knowing you and working with you. Thanks for your contributions to the diabetes program-you left your mark. I do wish you the best. Enjoy that house on the lake!!!!

We will miss you here at Ben Hogan
by: Rowena Childs

It was so much fun when you were here at Ben Hogan. I enjoyed talking to you and will miss your cheerfulness. I'm sorry you're leaving but I do understand why. I would have done the same thing if I were in your position. Have a great time in your new home. I will look you up if I ever make it up to Misouri. Send your email address and keep in touch. Let us all know what you're up to. Love ya. Row

by: Anonymous

Best of luck. Pam and Dr Martin

Enjoy you time off.
by: Mabyn Hager

Enjoy you new home and take care of yourself.

Texas Adios and Best Wishes
by: Stephan Gamill


I wish you the very best in the next phase of your life. May you thoroughly enjoy your dream home and not spend so much time on the highway back and forth to Texas. If you are ever stranded at a hotel and need a lift. I am your guy. Take care and enjoy!



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