To Your Heart

Side by side,
or miles apart,
Friends are forever close to your heart.

I'll miss you!!

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Good article
by: Jackson

Our company

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Goodbyes Are Not Forever - Poem

by Asilly

In this silence of place
In solitude of my heart
I remember one whom I love
more than any.
You may be far from my sight
but you will never far from my spirit.

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I love you

by Pavani

Good byes are not forever,
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I will miss you,
till the time we meet again.

by Varma
from Bullaya college , Vizag, Ap

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by: Anonymous

i love this! i hope you will not mind me copying it to be engraved on a leaving present :-)

Really goood
by: Anonymous

Very simple but really good it rhymes and people get the message... when i read the short poem I had a different feeling and it was only a short one

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by Manasvi Khandelwal

i thought of telling you some lines
through a poem that does not rhyme
to let you know how will I feel
forever this place when you leave

i think of the days when we met
think of the far reaching solitude
for the days have gone and will never return
just memories lingering with me and you

So today i wish you LUCK and GOODBYE
i no this depart will cause much pain
farewell again to all of you
because we only part to meet again

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by: Anonymous

can I borrow this please? simple but meaningful....

by: sana

gud it can be better......

by: Willie

However, it is too really doesn't express one's heartfelt sorrow of leaving someone behind who mean a lot to u.

my view
by: Anonymous

very cute,wel done

by: Anonymous

cute poem..

my view
by: Anonymous

very nice poem..

my views
by: neha

its a very informal kind of poem i really liked it but it's too small to recite.....and it's not that meaningful even but still it's very nice

my views
by: Nikki

keep it up babes....! fact, the best
by: Vama Jain

as are a very good writer and this is one of your best poems........keep it up manasvi

by: Anonymous

very cool.......keep it up....

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by Third Year Cse
(Pleasant Days)

Beginnings are usually scary,
And endings are usually sad,
Its everything in between
That makes it all worth living !

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Nobody is credited
by: Bek

It seems that Cse Tanglers is not the author but the thing the tribute/poem is about.

The author didn't credit themselves.

looking for author
by: Anonymous

how to give credit for this poem? is Cse Tanglers the author?

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Farewell Fare well

by Selvaraj

Farewell, farewell, farewell;
Where-ever you are,
Fare well, fare well, fare well.

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by: Athiyaman

We were together for a decade,
Our memories wont fade out in time,

I remember only our love and friendship,
Our bickerings and enmity vanished from memory like a magic,

We are pollen carried by the breeze of time,
And we spread the fragrance where ever we go.

I bid you Farewell,
I wish you Fare Well.

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by Athiyaman

We all these days remained together,
With fond memories to cherish

More memories we will gather,
To share again before I perish.

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by: Anonymous

that sucked

very emotional
by: kaushiki

great.very helpful to me.keep on writing.very nice.

by: Anonymous

Nice poem. Great. Keep posting more more

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We Never Part

by Athiyaman

Will our sweet memories fade out in time?
Can we ever REFRESH our friendship?
Can we UPDATE each others'progress?
Though we physically part ways
We can unite digitally.
After all we are in computer world,
ALAS! It is a machine!!

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Saying Goodbye

by Simamkele

Farwell Farwell
I will miss
all the jokes
all the dances
we used to
dance all the
fun things we
said and I
wish you write
your exam well
it won't be
easy to
forget you
and you'll miss
me too I
still remember
that day
you used to sing
your favourite
song and
when the
teacher always
said that
keep quiet I
wish you best
luck bye bye.

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by R.P. Weston

Goodbye-ee! - goodbye-ee!

Wipe the tear, baby dear, from your eye-ee.

Tho' it's hard to part, I know,

I'll be tickled to death to go.

Don't cry-ee! - don't sigh-ee!

There's a silver lining in the sky-ee! -

Bonsoir old thing! cheerio! chin-chin!

Nahpoo! Toodle-oo! Goodbye-ee!

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Alternative Last Line
by: Birdy

My Mother used to sing this to me when I was little. Her version was the same except for the last line which she rendered as "La poo you've got the flu you're going to die-ee! Obvoiusly a reference to the great flu epidemic in Europe in I think 1917.

my view
by: Anonymous

very cute poem..i like it so much

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