Farewell Titles

by swati bhardwaz
(saharsa, bihar,india)

I'm a class 9 student willing to give farewell to a class 10 student whose name is Ajita. She is very sweet, intelligent, and top of that the topper of the school. Please suggest a best title for her.

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i want title for my school and all staff members NEW
by: adil

I want title for school and staff members

by: Anonymous

she is look like simple bt she is too clever

Need title for urdu mam?
by: Anonymous

I want title for my urdu teacher

titles for clas10 farewell
by: Anonymous

plz ki tusi menu titles das sakde ho??
mainu ik kudi de utte titles chahide ne. oda naa h aditi te o ik stylish ji kudi aa naale inteligent v aa .o sunder,sweet,innocent,te friendly v aa

mainu plzz ode lai titles suggest kr do me ohnu farewell te dene chauni aa jedi 16feb nu aa.

paut princess
by: noona

it's meaning is simple, who do's paut everytime is a paut princess or even there could be a paut prince too.

paut princess
by: noona

it's meanibg is simple, who do's paut everytime is a paut princess or even there could be a paut prince too.

by: Sarayu

So cute and lovely

by: samaira khanna

its mean expressive jo mjhy mila hai :):)

meethi churri :)
by: Anonymous

sweet knife its mean bahar kxh andr kxhhh :(

beautiful smile
by: sara

she is very beautifull and his teaching is so much good and sheconsentrate carefully.

by: Muqaddas

Plz any one help me ,and tell me some comments or titles that i can give to my teachers

Farewell party
by: Anonymous

I need a tittle for class ten girl .she is a polite ,friendly girl. Her name is zona

On style and intelligency
by: Aisha

The girl to whom i am giving title is stylish and intelligent

by: Keshav Sharma

You are so strong

less talkative
by: shweta

For less talkative

on attitude
by: ayesha

want title on a girl who had tooo much atitude

title for farewell party
by: pawan kumar nagar

Respect sir ,
i am teacher in govt. girls sr. sec school keshoraipatan so our school student must requrrrrrid title for tje farewell aparty so plese provie me a link to the tile for the our student
i want ot search more fumnnu and imazing tile for the stdent

Ye pal hamein yaad ain gay
by: Vironika sinha

We will alwayz remember this lovely time of our life.
These memories are such pleasant memories and the time we spent together is unforggotable.
Yeh pal hamein yaad ain gay

For Ajita
by: Anonymous

So this intellectual and brainy girl has been an asset to school... With already myriad of laurels under her name , she has made the school proud and has been as kind and sweet to everyone...

Double humped girl
by: Mehnoor

A girl having its back like double humped camel.My classmate-Priya

on good placent
by: sarjeet

I m MBA studend to give m best title on good placement

for best student
by: divya jindal

tariff Karun kya uski jisne tumhe banaya
ye chaand sa roshan padhna
dimag mei kuch toh h gehra

fevicol se
by: ghazal

a person who always attached with others

Motivational Farewell.
by: Siddharth Mishra

Hi Swati, I am Siddharth From Mumbai,
I Really Feel VEry Glad to Know You atleast Know the Real Entity of this world. I am Really Appreciable to you that,atleast you are the girl having such ground rules & Down to Earth Qualities In Oneself.
IF you Really Want to give Farewell to Such A girl ajita, you can very well give your farewell by rewarding her with Motivational greeting cards which should convey the message that you are telling her the real corners of life mysteries & also insist her towards her acheivement. I Would Lastly Can say that being the junior of Ajita if you can help her Motivationally, Inspirationally, So this will be the best Reward to your SeniorWhich she will Remember as real friend & as real life Tracker.
Pls Give me the preceeded ratings Depending upon My Suggestions to you.
"Thanking You "
Siddharth .

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Farewell Titles?

by Chaahat

Can anyone suggest to me a few examples of titles to be given to a girl named Ilma who is sweet, good looking, good in studies as well as a good player??

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Tittes for farewell party
by: Anonymous

Please guys help me mujy 2 lines poetry waly tittes chahiyai teachers and senior students k liye
Plzzzzzzzz help

need help
by: Anonymous

i need good title for class 9 and 10 plez help me

title for PT teacher
by: ali shanawar

doubal khiladi

Suggest a title plz
by: Anonymous

Plz want titles for 10 class im in 9.some in urdu or English but must be funny

tu cheaz bari hy mast mast
by: Malik mehran


titles for seniors
by: anjali

need titles for my seniors!! can u please suggest me few.. it would be really helpful

Need help!!
by: Anonymous

i want a title for a girl who is always quiet but is very sweet ,if talked to and is very good at her studies!! HELP!!

by: divya jindal ENB


i just get best titles for my seniors :*
by: Nabiha Najum

its amazing
tu ne mari entry dil me baji ghanti ( for most beautiful girl )
Drama Queen ( for dramy baaz )
tery charchy star news to BBC News :D ( for most famous girl in school)
Ratta Mar ( JO hamesha test me ratta marti h )
Rehnii nai tu wadii katrina KAif :D ( for most shokhii girl )
etc :D
i hope its looked funny ;)

titles for my seniors
by: Anonymous

Pizza help me ....I need some titles for my seniors in class 12th

by: Anonymous

i need good titles

i need many funny titles
by: manzar

I need many funny titles plz help me

please help me
by: maya shankar jha

i want some best titles for my best teachers .

Oh I have put many titles!
by: Anonymous

Never Say Stop:
She never gets tired, does she? Be it sports, singing Indian songs on buses or scaring unsuspecting innocent victims in practical jokes (lol!), she's always the first to join the fun and keep it going.

Top Cat:
Her death-defying MEOOOW on the bus in Lahore says it all...

Guess she was a real mystery - to class ten (class of 2001)

Twinkle Toes:
One of the most talented dancers in the class, she's proved her worth in countless dances and plays...she's a talented babe!

Green Chilli:
Green House prefect with little mirchi thoda pepper.

Teddy Bear on the loose:
Cuddly wuddly teddy bear of the class, none who know her will know why her title fits her so well! we wuv you beeny weeny!

The Next Best Thing:
NO, she's NOT obsessed with Madonna, the movie OR the song...but she IS the deputy head girl of the class of 2k!

Everyone's favourite person to have fun with, she's one of the friendliest kids in class...and her compliments make ppl blush :)

...That is what you are...her fave song and her beloved title...oh, she LOVED it! :)

The Untamed Shrew:
OK, so maybe Rabia and Haleema will be better equipped with knowledge to enlighten u with the thesis on this one, but as far as a simple comment goes, shes WILD and RECKLESS!

Khiladiyoan ka Khiladi:
That would be.. her complexion.. it's perfect, yeah.. a very pretty face but of course she's deeper than that... very very deep actually...

That's All, Folks!

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