Farewell Books

Are you struggling with expressing how you feel?

Want to show you care, without being too sentimental?

Or are you looking for something different, something small, to give as a going away gift?

Then consider giving an illustrated farewell story.

The style of the farewell poems are cartoon illustrations, which are ideal for a child/teen, an adult close to you, or to add a light-hearted touch to the farewell occasion.

Remember, it's not how much you give, it's how you make them feel.
They'll love their farewell gift - and you'll look so thoughtful.


What happens in the order process?

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I thought they were darling...My plan was to tuck these books into another gift that I am giving someone (an adult Administrator) who is leaving. She was once an elementary teacher, her first love, and children's books are very important to her.
Rose Mary Ryan

I bought "The Farewell" story as a resource to support the transition of a child, in my Nurture Group, who is moving on to a new school. We will be using the story as a starter to creating our own stories for the child as a gift to take with him.
I love the pictures and want the children to really look at the impact different compositional aspects have on the reader/audience.
Truly lovely story. Thank you.

Kathryn Booker

Fond Farewells - Stories That Comfort When Saying Goodbye


  • Winner in the 'Children's Picture Book: Softcover Fiction' category of the 2013 International Book Awards

  • Award Winning Finalist in the 'Children's Mind/Body/Spirit' category of the 2013 International Book Awards

  • Award Winning Finalist in the 'Childrens-Inspirational/Motivational' category of the 2013 National Indie Excellence Awards


OR on Kindle (Amazon)

Otherwise you can hold in your hands the

Paperback book (Amazon):

Fond Farewells is a collection of four illustrated farewell poem stories - "The Farewell", "Oscar Moves Away", "The Balloon Trip" and "This Long Goodbye".

Each explore different moods of goodbye: from leaving and hoping for the best, leaving on a trip and coming back, moving away and keeping in touch, to saying a very final goodbye.
Every story, however, has a positive ending to help give perspective and soften then blow of separation for the reader.

For Older Kids - Congraduations!

  • Award Winning Finalist in the 'Young Adult: Non-Fiction' category of the 2014 International Book Awards


OR on Kindle (Amazon)

Otherwise you can hold in your hands the

Paperback book (Amazon):

Mark their milestone with a graduation story.
Congraduations! is a collection of illustrated poem stories, for young adults, that explore the perspectives of a school leaver:
Looking back on their school years,
Looking forward to possibilities, and
Ready to navigate life!
Each story supports that grown-up kid who, at this moment in life, finds themselves standing between yesterday, today and tomorrow.
This book is an ideal gift for anyone you’re proud of, finishing up and moving on.
Table of Contents:
Ready? Set?
Happy Graduation!
Goodbye! Hello?
Some Gentle Advice
The Call
Leon Goes To The Circus

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