Make Your Own Farewell or Retirement
Countdown Calendar
To Print Out - Free!

So you've set the date to say goodbye!
Make it a visual with this free farewell or retirement countdown calendar and let the anticipation build.

  • Your last days will be happy and relaxed with a daily 'cross-out' ritual.

  • Display your calendar prominently, so coworkers and supervisors are discouraged from disturbing you with workplace trivialities.

  • Or at home, ensure your calendar is well-placed to elicit more appreciation and sincerity for your presence in the time you have left.

  • "Accidently" print extra copies and "thoughtlessly" leave them laying around. At worst they will end up in the bin; at best a great farewell party and an expensive farewell gift will be dutifully organised.

Have fun!

Instructions for the fill-in printable calendar:

  • Click on the link below to take you to the free calendar creator.

  • Select the date of your leaving.

  • If you wish, change the default text of each date box.

  • Type in your name, or whoever is leaving.

  • Add a farewell message.

  • Click Refresh to view what you will print out.

  • Click the calendar's Printable Version when you're happy.

Ok, take me to the countdown calendar!

Actually, I've changed my mind.