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Dear Visitors,
This website is a personal site run by friends. It is our first website.
We accept advertising and other forms of compensation, but such compensation does not influence the information in this site.
We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences.

This is not a "commercial" website, so there are few sponsorship opportunities.
We only accept sponsorships from a small number of quality partners.
We appreciate their recognition and support of this site.
Further, we are proud to be associated with them, and sincerely have a high regard of them as providers of high-quality goods or services.

One such company that we are associated with is SiteSell. We have used SiteSell's Site Build It! (SBI!) programme for this site, and are more than happy to recommend it. Should you purchase or receive SBI! through the advertising on this website, we may receive a commission for introducing you to SBI.

We have also used, Smashwords and (e-books and books) and (various products and designs), as we ourselves have used these companies to shop online.

Ads such as those by Google and are not selected by us, so if you see an ad about competing products or services, it is a coincidence.  We do not have complete control the ads that appear, so we do not specifically endorse any of the companies those ads represent.

The actual content on sponsored pages is independent of any sponsorship or affiliate relationship and any sponsored content is identified as such.

If you enjoy Fond-Farewell.Com, please support our sponsors and recommendations. Supporting our sponsors is a WIN-WIN-WIN for you, us, and them.

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Opportunity: Fond-Farewell.Com is an advice, entertainment and information website providing guidance and commentary about saying goodbye.

Target Audience: Fond-Farewell.Com is read by people who care about relationships and people, and who care about their place in society. It receives great organic Google traffic for a broad and global cross-section of visitors, and there is an unintended strong representation of professional, college/university educated, 25-35 year old females who browse the site from work. We say unintended as we did not specifically target any particular group with this website. Our audience demographic is described by Alexa.Com.

Reach: Anywhere from 700 -5,000 daily visitors depending on the day of week, time of the year and other factors.

Goodwill: In keeping with putting our visitors first, we would like to develop a genuine and positive business relationship with people who seek to sponsor this site. We need to have mutually positive experiences with the company/product/service to be advertised, and be able to see how these experiences can benefit our visitors.

As sponsorship creates, in effect, paid links, the nofollow attribute would be required on the links, in keeping with Google rules.

Should you wish to proceed with sponsorship, we will work with you to achieve the best outcome for your business - for example, best days or times of year to sponsor/advertise, 'best-fit' pages or site-wide etc etc. Each business is unique, and we will negotiate with you to achieve a win for our visitors, a win for you and a win for Fond-Farewell.Com.

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