Farewell Gift Ideas

stack of gifts!

So what ARE you going to get them?

A good farewell gift will help someone remember the people or the place left behind.

So anything with personal touches, like an engraving, group signatures or photos, is a good idea.

More suggestions below:

Leaving Work Gift

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To maintain professionalism when someone is leaving work, your best options are to give:

  • something to remember the company by
  • something to remember the workplace/department by
  • something they can use in their next job
  • something to mark their contribution.

Organizing the Goodbye Gift

Stuck with (or volunteered!) an extra job at work?

Struggling to get donations from colleagues?

Get some tips for passing the hat around at work.

Leaving Gifts for People You'll Farewell

So YOU'RE leaving? Feeling generous?

Click for smart ways to get the most value out of your budget.

Going Away Gift for a Friend or Relative

giving with warm hands

Now you can get all sentimental, or wild or whatever you please!


  • Private joke gifts
  • Nostalgic gifts
  • Travel gifts

For people struggling with the goodbye, consider giving a memory filled Be-loved Pillow full of emotional treasures.

Sense of Humour?

Try these funny git...er, gift ideas, plus cautionary advice on actually giving them.

As for the private joke gifts described above, make sure the receiver 'gets' the joke!

Farewell Gift Shop

Save yourself time and torture thinking of something thoughtful.

Check out the unique story cards, cool designed items, or the free digital scrapbook!

Remember, It's the Thought that Counts

remember this!

Still all too hard?

When stuck for an idea, go mainstream with something like chocolates, wine, hugs and cards!

As the cliche says, it's the Thought That Counts...

Some mainstream ideas:

  • gourmet food and wine
  • flowers or balloon bouquet
  • company t-shirt or hat with everybody's signature
  • hamper or gift basket
  • trophy, plaque, medal (engraved of course)
  • tickets to a show/event or activity such as a spa or horse-riding.

little gold gift

May you live as long as you want,
And never want as long as you live.

(Irish Toast)

More Farewell Gift Ideas!

Click for some suggestions for specific farewell gifts - and add your own ideas!

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