Doctor/Nurse Farewell Gifts
or Medical School

Medical people are always going to get free, brand-emblazoned stuff from pharmaceutical and other medical companies.

So you need to give something quite special to a Doctor or Nurse, or someone going to medical school, to raise your going away gift above the dross.

Therefore, always give something classy and/or useful and/or very personal, preferably that you can engrave or write personal best wishes onto.

Otherwise go for something fun to balance the serious and busy side of their life.

Some ideas:

  • A nice pen they can use to sign their scripts that hangs around their neck (and not accidently lose).

  • A pedometer.

  • Insoles with the words "Just hoping to support you, who supports so many people".

  • A specialist medical watch, or at least a kitschy Frankenstein watch for the fun-at-heart. Make sure the watch shows the seconds. (Don't forget to engrave on it!)

  • A massage device that would come in really handy after a long day.
  • An "Open in case of emergency" scalpel or tracheometry tube with an engraved blessing? This is quite dark but they might like it.

  • Good medical books:

    • House of God by Samuel Shem

    • The year of the intern by Robin Cook

    • On Call by Emily Transue

    • Kill As Few Patients As Possible by Oscar London

    • Becoming a Doctor by Melvin Konner

    • The Medical Science of House, MD by Andrew Holtz

    • Stiff by Mary Roach

    • The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks.
    • Stethoscope (Littmann seems to be the most recommended). Engave this at the bottom of the neck, so that they can look down and see your best wishes.

    • Anatomy colouring book with crayons.

    • Some flasks and beakers as a bartending set.

    • M.A.S.H. dvds, or merchandise

    • 'Operation' board game.

    • Old fashioned smelling salts.

    • Lab coat and scrubs (monogrammed).

    • Massage, hotel or holiday vouchers to relax, make a very thoughtful going away gift!

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    What are you thinking of getting? Let us know by posting your comments!

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