Military Farewell Gifts

Recruits are only allowed very specific items, anything else can be confiscated, so be careful with your going away gift idea.

Remember that there will be a lot of items that look like everyone else's - think of how you can slightly individualise them so people don't confuse who's is who's.

  • Black thongs/flip flops for the shower.

  • Black bag to hold toiletries.

  • Black/green calf length wool socks - even though these are issued, more is better.

  • Q-tips/cotton buds, cotton balls, and green plastic scouring pad. These help clean the rifle, and the scouring pad won't scratch the gas piston, but will get the hard carbon/dirt off it.

  • Old thin rag for shining shoes, and a shoe polish pack if one isn't issued.

  • Stamps for letters - lots of these as can be traded as they are a hot commodity at boot camp.
  • Cough drops - lots of these as they are also a hot commodity as well as needed, as everyone gets sick.

  • Phone cards.

  • Pocket sized note pads. Recruits will have their heads spin, and note-taking will stop them forgetting something and getting into trouble.

  • Key or combination locks. There are pros and cons with both. A key will get them into the locker faster (and this will be necessary), but a combination will mean not locking keys in your locker. If you choose a key lock, make sure there are plenty of spare keys to hide around the place, as well as one on the dog tags.

  • Cheap black digital watch with alarm and black band. The less shiny and more black the better (for camouflage). Otherwise cut off the top of an old black sock as a watch cover.

  • Foot powder and foot cream, and vaseline for those long marches to avoid crotch chafe. Bring a lot if they want to make friends, but be careful of double dipping.

  • Black fingerless leather sparring gloves, good for patrolling and camouflaging hands, keeps them warm and the leather is durable. They may end up never taking them off. Really good if they have small hands, for giving field signals.

  • Rubber bands - tied around the notebook to keep it on the right page; to keep pant-legs 'dressed' to the top of boots; etc etc.

  • Clean rag or wipes for 'bird-baths' out bush.

  • Toothbrush with half the handle cut off to save space when out bush.

  • Not a recruit? No confiscations?
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    (Not military-specific though)

  • For the religious, get a very small bible or other religious book and write best wishes from everyone into it. It won't get confiscated, and will help pull them through. At the very least the personal messages will comfort them. For the non-religious, a tiny book of inspirational quotes will also lift their spirits.

Then, put it all together into a "boot camp" going away gift basket!

Planning a party?
It might be a long time 'til they have another good time!

And what about NON-recruit military gift ideas?
What about the Navy or Air Force?
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Comments for Military Farewell Gifts

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by: Anonymoose

after it's confiscated, where does it all go?

It gets returned at the end of boot camp...
by: Bek

y'know, after all the instructors have used it.

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