Fond Fare-ill
Negative and Ambiguous
Parting Words


Have you ever wanted wish someone a fond fare-ill yet still appear polite?
Is there a 'good riddance' in disguise?
Have you wanted to express the hope of never seeing again a person, illness, condition or bad event?

The following are some ambiguous parting quotes to see someone off, to say goodbye (etymology: “God be with ye”) or farewell, without the well-meaning intent.

This page might seem like there is an intention to curse the person leaving, however I prefer to see it as honouring the true feelings we have inside yet also trying to write something more palatable (to somewhat protect that person's feelings, they are human after all).  

No matter how intense you feel, the fact that you are willing to at least say goodbye is a healthy one - you are at least releasing any attachment to this person and eventually you will not think about them anymore - FREEDOM!!!

Verbal Parting Words - say these fast

  • Fare hell  
  • Fare ill  
  • Feral [slow this one down to sound like farewell]
  • Boo-bye [Boo be with ye]
  • Adiable [etymology: to the devil. This can be used as opposed to Adieu that means 'to God'].

Neutral and Ambiguous Parting Quotes - for cards

  • So long!  We will always have X! [Meaning: no matter what, there was this one time that I saw you as a human being and it was at X time/event/place]
  • There is nobody else like you!  [Meaning: I hope there is nobody else like you]
  • I will always remember everything I have learned in working with you!  [Meaning: I have suffered so much with you I will probably have flashbacks and promise to never treat others like you have treated me]
  • How can I ever forget you?   [Meaning: I judge you so harshly that you are burned into my brain]
  • May you live in interesting times. [Chinese blessing OR curse]
  • Hope you find something worthy of yourself.  [Meaning: the law of attraction is at work and I have completed some karma which is why you are leaving, and no doubt you will spread your miserable lessons to other people who are working off karma, or you will enter a workplace in which you will work off an inevitably mountainous pile of karma]
  • 'Hakuna matata' [meaning: a Swahili phrase for 'there are no worries', and there certainly won't be, now you are gone].
  • Adieu. [Meaning: although it means 'to God', this doesn't necessarily make it a positive word. In everyday use, it means that you intend never to see someone again, as it is used as a very final parting word. The etymology however, is that it came from 'a Dieu vous commant' (‘I commend you to God’). If you wish an alternate meaning, one suggestion is that adieu implies our fates and paths are up to the unknown.]
  • Onward and upward! [Meaning: I judge you so harshly as a human that surely there is only upwards for you to go in your growth]
  • Thank you for my understanding. [Meaning: I have learned about being a better human by watching and judging you]
  • May light shine on your deeds and character. [Meaning: You really need an intervention and hopefully your dark side will be exposed one day]
  • I hope you look back on this time with us as a positive example of a workplace. [Meaning: I hope we have influenced you more than you have influenced us]


  • Freedom!!! [Meaning: ...for us! Yay!]
  • Best of luck to yourself and your family! [Meaning: you are all going to need it, because while I suffer because of you, surely you suffer the worst BEING you, and your family suffer more being related to you.  What on earth happened to you that you are like this?!]
  • Thank you for your sacrifices! [Meaning: not the sacrifices of working hard, but by removing yourself from the company we have a chance of survival]
  • We have all learnt so much from you. [Meaning: we learnt the example of what not to be and do]
  • Thank you, dark angel.  [Meaning: see above]
  • You are worthy of all good things [Meaning: even though I judge you harshly, I know that all of us have our limitations, and hopefully you will make a new beginning for yourself and bring good things to you]
  • Go. Be free.  [Meaning: Get Out]
  • Your absence will be noted. [Meaning: Yay! Party every day!]

Please add to this page! Surely you have suggestions for different ways to say 'good riddance', so click here to vent!

And if you still need some sort of counselling, some advice on this page (even though you are not quitting) should help you gain a more positive perspective.

If you eventually find yourself in a forgiving mood (once you deal with your own negative emotions), try and send some positive energy to add good karma to the world :)

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