How to Send Positive Energy

Are you especially connected to someone, who is going away or who has already left for their next adventure in life?

If you are a religious person, including them in your prayers or chants is a very powerful way of sending positive energy towards them, to protect them in their journey.

For non-religious spiritual people, sending this energy, in the form of light, is not only powerfully protective, but similarly to prayer or chant, enormously comforting.  It is merely gathering all of your positive thoughts and feelings and focussing on that person.

How to Channel Positive Energy Over Distances

• Close your eyes and take several deep breaths to help you concentrate.
Feel the energy deep inside of you; imagine it growing with every breath you take until it fills you up from your toes to the crown of your head.
You may find you feel warm – as if you’ve been outside in the sun, except the warmth will be coming from the inside.

• Imagine the person you wish to send the energy to.
See them clearly in your mind. Picture them in vivid detail until you feel that you could reach out and touch them.

• Imagine the energy inside of you coalescing into a sphere that is located over your heart.
See the sphere – it is a pulsing ball of bright white light, and as the energy inside of you is pulled up into it, it grows until it fills your whole chest.
This light is sometimes called the white light of protection, or white light healing.  Allow the light to surround you.

• Focus on what you want the white light/energy sphere to do.
Are you sending the person protection? Healing energy? Strength? Love?
Inject the appropriate emotion into the glowing sphere until you can feel it reflecting the emotion back to you. Use colour if it helps you visualize this better.

• Project the sphere.
This works best for beginners if you imagine the sphere being the tip of an arrow, or the point of a sphere, then throw the sphere – toward the person you have visualized in your head.
Imagine it being absorbed into their being, or surrounding them with a white light of protection.

It is very important to visualize and feel the positive energy you are sending.
If feeling the energy is difficult, feeling happy or loving when you think of the person will be enough. With practice you can focus your feelings better when you channel energy.

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Some background on positive energy

For you to be able to successfully send positive energy to someone, it helps if you believe that this energy exists, and that sending it is possible.

Hopefully the following will help make you feel comfortable about the process:

In 1905 Albert Einstein presented two papers to the Physics community. One introduced special relativity. The second paper deduced that tiny amounts of matter could be converted into tremendous amounts of energy. The resulting equation E=mc2 is perhaps the most famous of all equations.

Everything, every physical object has and is potential energy.

To take this a step further, not only does every physical object have stored potential energy just waiting to be set free, but every physical object in the universe is connected to every other physical object in the universe through the law of attraction - which is not only a Physical Law, but also, if you will, a spiritual one.

Energy flows through us and around us and between us all the time.
Some people are born with an instinctive ability to feel this energy; others learn to feel it over time while some are uncomfortable with the concept and choose to ignore it.

All throughout history there have been accounts of individuals who had powerful personal energy that attracted others to them, and with which they were able to accomplish great things.
But anyone who can feel it can learn to work with it, gather it up inside of themselves and channel to wherever they feel it is needed.
While most people use it for their own personal spiritual advancement, health and healing, spiritual energy can also be channeled to others, hence the stories and legends of the great healers in history.

To bring the concept down a step, imagine the feeling you get when you think positively - merely thinking positively gives you a boost, it creates energy for you.

And if you do doubt that the positive energy you feel can be transferred to a loved one, at the very least, engaging in the white light process can be a comforting one for you.

It certainly won't hurt!

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