Dealing with a Bad Goodbye

People hate saying goodbye for mainly sentimental reasons.

This section is for those of you who have other issues, and know that an upcoming farewell is, in fact, a Bad Goodbye.

So a farewell rescue is in order!

What makes a farewell go bad (fare-ill!)?

  • You will have very strong and difficult emotions during the farewell event, and/or

  • you are shy and hate attention, and/or

  • you know that the farewell event will be generally socially awkward and painful, and/or

  • you know that the farewell speech given for you will be long and painful, and/or

  • you have ire, angst and hate.

More often than not, fare-ills tend to be workplace-related.

How do you avoid them?

Dodge and Weave Strategies for the Office Farewell

Ways to avoid the work farewell, or to minimise being the centre of attention.

Farewell Exit Strategy

Once you're at the send-off, how do you actually leave?

Avoid Sartrean Hell

For when you want event to be much less socially awkward. 

You know, when you get a silent room full of people trying to look away from each other.

Avoid a Fare-ill Before You Quit

You hate working there, and you're about to pull the pin.

Just take the time to think about the last impressions you'll leave.  Click to get some damage control ideas.

Fare-ill Email

To hell with damage control!  I want to burn those bridges baby!!

And finally....

Negative and Ambiguous Parting Words

When you want to straddle the thin line of civility when talking to their faces.


Try to remember: in the greater scheme of things, there's no need to resort to drastic measures due to a fare-ill!

Give yourself a pat on the back when you face it down!

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