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What retirement sentiments can you possibly say to someone after they've contributed so much in their life?
Scroll below for some short retirement greetings to write in a card, in case some of you are lost for words!

Hale and Hearty Retirement Sentiments:

  • You look remarkably well-preserved, considering the work you've done!

  • You've saved the best years for last!

  • Anyone who complains about being put out to pasture has been in the harness too long.  Enjoy your retirement!

Doin' wheelies!

  • Thanks for your best years, enjoy your rest years!

  • At last you can pursue your moonlighting job as Batman full time...

  • I'm still trying / just about to catch up to you!

  • See you on the golf course!

  • Now that you've run the rat race, you can work on that better mouse trap!

  • Your grey hairs are from wisdom, mine are from stress!
Playin' boules!
  • The cubicle monkeys are going to go bananas around here without you.

  • Now you're at that lovely stage of life where you get to sit around the house and annoy your spouse all day, everyday. Congratulations!

  • Imagine actually being able to ignore your alarm clock and read the whole paper while you eat breakfast and laugh as you listen to the traffic report – yeah, retiring definitely has its perks!

  • You’ve slayed your dragons, now it’s time for happily ever after!

  • Just think, no more workplace drama! What are you going to do for entertainment? Daytime television!

  • Your retirement has left us all in shock – who’s going to do all the work now?

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  • You can retire from the Navy, but I bet you anything you’re still calling the bathroom the Head for the next few years.

  • Now that you are retired you can say goodbye to the stressful things, like daily commutes and workplace drama - and say hello to the relaxing stuff, like sky diving and bungee jumping!

  • Your reputation rocks, now that it’s time for you to roll on, we’re all banging our heads.

  • You’re a classic! Your model will never be discontinued – happy retirement!

  • You’ll be living on sponge cake before you know it – go knock those parrot heads dead!

  • It’s going to be scary around here without you – Happy Retirement!

  • You’ve come a long way baby!

  • No one can fill your shoes – your feats will be sorely missed.
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Sincere Retirement Sentiments:

  • I'm glad to have learned from you.

  • Thank you for all your time...

  • Blessings of health and happiness for your retirement years...

  • Thank you for all your advice and mentoring, I'll remember your words for a very long time.

  • May retiring be as fulfilling for you as your counsel was for us.

  • There aren’t enough words to say how much your commitment and dedication have meant to us. Congratulations on retiring!

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  • If you knew how much we are going to miss you around here you probably wouldn’t be able to sleep at night for the guilt. You will be missed!

  • You’ve helped us achieve our dreams, now its time to pursue your own. Thank you for your years of dedicated service.

  • May the road rise to meet you, the wind be always at your back, the sun shine warm upon your house, the rain fall soft upon your fields, and until we meet again, may god hold you in the palm of his hand.

  • Put your feet up and relax, you’ve earned it! Congratulations on retiring!

  • You will never be forgotten – and legends never die.

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