Gift Ideas for Retirement

It can be difficult to think of a gift ideas for retirement, especially when after most of a lifetime, the person retiring is likely to have almost everything they want or need!

It's a case of retirement gift ideas for someone who might have everything, or at least has entered a reflective stage of their lives and may think that retirement gifts are unnecessary.

So what to do?

  • You could get gifts that imply relaxing at home or on holiday, such as a hammock or a sarong.

  • You could get gag gifts, such as a work 'prison' release form signed by the CEO or a sign saying "[insert name] Pty Ltd Headquarters" for their garden shed.

  • You could get them something that they can fill their time with, such as nurturing a bonsai, or print out a 3m long Sudoku puzzle.

    Better yet, get them a subscription to build a website about something they love, or to start an e-business after or pre-retirement.

  • You could get something silly for "the person who has everything" - such as a belly-button lint remover.

  • You could get them something that refers to their age, such as magnifying-glass-attached toenail clippers, or magnifying-glass-attached tea strainer.

Best of all, you could get them something that honours their time in the work place such as a scrapbook, with photos of places as well as people, and signed captions by the others in the workplace.
Add a humorous twist by posing the retiree's work mug/pot plant/effigy in some newer 'set-up' photos, to show how much that item is enjoying retirement already.

If you want to go more up-market, it's best to organise amongst a large group to get an experience, such as a holiday, hot air balloon ride, fishing charter, or tickets and accomodation to a special event.  Try to be generous and include another person to go with them!

What are you thinking of doing?

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